There's a scientific reason why everyone is so obsessed with the royals at the moment.


Yes, well.

It seems there’s a very scientific and totally legit reason why we’re all so goddamn obsessed with the royals at the moment.

You see, things have been a lil’ bit rough for the human race over the past couple of years.

Donald Trump is president.

Australia’s leaders keep knifing each other in the back.

Brooklyn Nine Nine almost got cancelled.

As a remedy to all this madness, we’ve turned our attention to the calm and, erm, bland presence of the royal family.

According to Dr Donna Rockwell, a clinical psychologist who specialises in celebrity and fame, we’re drawn to the royals’ comforting rules and procedures.

“It’s comforting to see a structure where that structure seems to create a semblance of order,” she told Glamour.

“So in the same way, I think that when an adult is feeling a sense of inner chaos, it’s comforting, even neurologically speaking, to be able to observe something of structure. We see structure, and we feel comforted. So it’s actually a neurological response of relaxation that occurs in us in seeing the queen, and the [grand]daughters-in-law, and the line [of heirs].”

“The universe is profoundly chaotic,” Rockwell went on to explain.

“So whenever we can anchor ourselves into a sense of order and safety, really, we tend to relax. And that generates the reward center of the brain. Ahhhh, is the reaction.”

It kinda makes sense, right?

When everything feels a lil’ bit mad, it’s almost a relief to read that the Queen has banned pasta from Kensington Palace and that Meghan Markle is no longer allowed to wear black.

It’s also oddly comforting to know the royals also can’t eat shellfish or play… monopoly ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.