Roxy Jacenko has spoken for the first time since her husband's prison release.

On Friday morning, Roxy Jacenko’s husband of five years, Oliver Curtis, was released from prison after serving a one year sentence for insider trading.

For four days, the PR guru has stayed quiet on her husband’s release, but on Monday afternoon she finally addressed questions about what it was like for her and her family to have him back home.

According to the Daily Mail, Roxy told reporters her and Oliver’s two children – five-year-old Pixie and three-year-old Hunter – were over the moon to have their father home.

She did not say much, but what she did say was most important of all.

“The children are very happy,” she said.

She added that she, too, was in high spirits.

Throughout her husband’s incarceration, maintaining her children’s wellbeing has always been Roxy’s number one priority.

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Last year, she told Mamamia that she would “forgo my happiness for my children’s happiness”.

It’s why, instead of meeting Oliver at the gates of Cooma Gaol on Friday for his release, as many expected, the family met him at a nearby airfield, where he emerged from a private jet.

The tactic was in keeping with a story she had told her children about Oliver’s absence: instead of telling them their father had gone to prison, the parents decided to say that he had gone to China ‘for work’.

While their youngest son Hunter did visit Oliver behind bars once during his incarceration, Roxy said Pixie found the separation from her father difficult.

“My duty is to protect her,” Roxy told Mia Freedman on the No Filter podcast at the time, admitting that maintaining the lie was “exhausting”.


“If I had a choice I would have done things very differently,” Jacenko said.

oliver curtis prison fight
Oliver Curtis, Roxy Jacenko and their children. Image: Instagram.

"I wouldn't have had children until this situation was sorted out because it's not right. They shouldn't have to be in this situation, lying to them saying their father's in China."

Whatever the parents' choices were, and their reasons behind them, it's nice to know that the family of four is spending some quality time together and that a sense of normality has returned to Pixie and Hunter's lives.

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