Why are women over size 12 considered PLUS SIZE by the fashion industry?


That headline is enough to make your head spin. More on that in a sec. Let’s start with some good news.

Size 14-16 model, Robyn Lawley, has proven yet again that gorgeous women come in every size in a catch-your-breath-gorgeous swimwear shoot for Cosmopolitan Australia this month. The eight-page spread features Lawley on location in the Cook Islands and it’s divine.

Kudos to Cosmopolitan. How refreshing to see some diversity in a swimsuit shoot. MORE PLEASE. She’s also been Australian Vogue‘s first ‘plus-size’ covergirl, Ralph Lauren’s first ‘plus size’ model and the face – and body – of Boux Avenue, a British lingerie line.

If she were here we’d high-5 her.

Take a look at Lawley’s shoot for Cosmopolitan Australia and keep clicking for more candid and professional shots:

And now for the bad news. While Lawley’s success is an exciting indication that the fashion industry, both internationally and at home, is moving in the right direction (hurrah!), it’s still a little baffling that this 23-year-old Sydney model is considered ‘plus size given that the average Australian woman is a size 14-16.

Wouldn’t that make Lawley “normal sized”.  Anyone? Anyone?

For an industry that earns it’s keep on selling women clothes, it’s sure taking a while for the industry to change their view of ‘plus size’ and ‘average size’ and to make room for all types of female beauty. A little hint: women are more likely to buy clothes when they appear on bodies they can relate to, but you can read more about that here.

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