Ricky Martin might have got a boner at a Madonna show. Good for him.

Latin icon Ricky Martin got a little excited about seeing Madonna in concert, seemingly getting... aroused after he was brought on stage.

At a Miami stop on the tour, Martin was surrounded by a circle of sexy dancers who offered him a lap dance on stage as part of the ballroom section of Madonna's 'Celebration' tour.

Martin shared the video of himself (and his alleged boner) giving scores to Madonna's dancers.


The 'She Bangs' singer was unapologetic about standing proudly with an unexplained bulge protruding from his pants... and why should he hide it?! Ricky literally sang 'Shake Your Bon-Bon' — and he sure did.

For full transparency, we don't know definitively that this was an erection, as perhaps there was just something else in the singer's pants... or something. Either way, big fan of the idea of Martin getting extra excited over a Madonna show — the perfect intersection of '90s icons coming together in the horniest of circumstances.

"That’s funny," one X user joked about the news. "I appear to get an erection when I see Ricky Martin."

Touché, friend.

Martin and Madonna's friendship has spanned decades. Both their music dominated the charts in the late-'90s, and the Latino superstar revealed in a recent interview that they first met in 1999 at the Grammys before releasing a duet 'Be Careful' together that same year.

Just like a prayer, Ricky Martin will take you there! And by there... err, you get the point! 

Feature image: Getty.

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