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"Don't beat around the bush, Alex." Alex and Richie's confrontation on Bachelor in Paradise.

On Sunday, Channel 10 confirmed the very first contestants for Bachelor in Paradise 2019: Alex Nation, Richie Strahan, Cat Henesy and Alisha Aitken-Radburn.

Of course, that left us with an elephant in the room, given that Alex and Richie ended up together after The Bachelor and then broke up.

Well, now we have a trailer, and yes, there’s a confrontation and it’s precisely everything we’ve ever hoped for.

Watch the trailer. Post continues after video.

The juicy dialogue begins as Richie walks into paradise, and meets with Osher.

“I was obviously in a relationship with Alex and, well, the circumstances of that breakup were quite brutal,” he says.

“I don’t know if Australia’s ready for the grubby details surrounding it.”


With her head in her hands, Alex says, “Oh my God, what have I done?”

After Alex walks in, and sees Richie hanging out with Cat, she asks if they can have a chat.

In the teaser video, the pair are shown in a tense confrontation. “Do you actually want to go there Rich?”Alex says.


“Don’t beat around the bush Alex, say it, because you’re not going to like my response,” Richie responds.

“So you are honestly sitting there and saying you were perfect in our relationship? I can’t believe you are telling me.. it was me,” says Alex.


It was long speculated the pair would both take part in the Bachelor spin-off, after the pair broke up via a photo shoot in Woman’s Day.

Richie told the publication “the brightest spark can fizzle fast.”


They also cited long distance between Perth and Melbourne as a reason for their split.

Mum-of-one Alex won Richie’s heart in his 2016 cycle, but the couple only lasted a year. They haven’t actually seen each other since.

Since then Richie, who is a Perth based rope access technician appears to have been doing some travelling, mostly with his abs out. At least, that’s what we can gather from his sporadic activity on social media.

Alex, who is a radio host for 97.7FM, dated Maegan Luxa. It’s believed she was engaged, but the couple have since broken up.


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This lady surprised me with an Arabian night ✨

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Honestly, at this rate, Bachelor in Paradise is making Married at First Sight look… tame.

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