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Everything we know about the rumours Alex and Richie are heading to Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise has been confirmed for a second season and break out the mango daiquiri mix, because this is very exciting news.

Warner Bros. and Channel Ten producers have apparently been trying to coax ex-lovers Richie Strahan, 33, and Alex Nation, 27, onto the show and according to New Idea, they’ve both agreed.

An awkward, drama-filled storyline for them, hours of salacious entertainment for us.

If you’re struggling to remember, here’s a quick history lesson: Mum-of-one Alex won Richie’s heart in the 2016 cycle of The Bachelor, but after dating for over a year, the couple ended things.

Since then, the Perth-based rope access technician has all but disappeared from the public eye. Alex, on the other hand, started dating a woman named Maegan Luxa, and it’s believed they were engaged. The pair has since broken up.

Alex Nation shares all the good and bad ways The Bachelor changed her life:

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According to sources speaking to New Idea, producers wanted the former contestants on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise but the timing wasn’t right. Richie was still “heartbroken” over Alex, and Alex’s relationship with Maegan was apparently “in full swing”.

But this is where things get awkward. Both contestants made the decision to return to the Bachelor franchise “totally independent of each other,” and apparently that’s exactly how Osher the producers wanted it.

“This was meant to have a big element of surprise attached to it,” says the source, effectively ruining any chances of said surprise.

“Richie and Alex are not meant to know that the other person has been confirmed for the series. They were literally going to rock up for shooting and find each other on the set…you can only imagine how that was going to play out.”


However, if you’re hoping for a romantic island reunion, you might need to lower your expectations.

The secret source continued, stating that the pair have a “number of unresolved issues,” and while we’re sure this will make for enthralling viewing, it seems unlikely we’ll be seeing a rekindled relationship.

“This is going to be television gold, the sort of stuff reality TV makers wet themselves over,” they said.

Now, if Channel 10 could also arrange for Vanessa Sunshine to make an appearance, we would appreciate that very much.

Who would you like to see on Bachelor in Paradise in 2019? Tell us in a comment.

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