"They have a... past": 5 things everyone with a rescue dog knows to be true.

If you own a rescue dog, you’ll know that they’re not… like the other dogs at the park.

Instead of chasing their ball and chatting to their buddies about the weekend, a rescue dog is probably lying on its back staring at the sky.

They’re having as much fun, if not more fun, as all the other dogs but – and this is critical; They will always do things their own way. 

They have unexplainable quirks, like an intense dislike of anyone in hats, or the fridge door opening, or having to get their left foot wet in the rain.

And they shan’t stand for any of it.

Watch: Harry the rescue dog does a fashion show with all his new costumes. Post continues. 

But it is these little idiosyncrasies that make them so ridiculously loveable. Here are five things you know to be true if you own a rescue dog:

1. The backstory.

I’m yet to meet a rescue dog owner who hasn’t developed a complex and outlandish backstory for what happened to their dog before they were rescued.

Usually, they are based on zero fact and all speculation, mostly developed from the faraway look in their dog’s eyes.


Bella, we’ve decided, was born on the wrong side of the tracks and saw some things she’ll never forget involving a man in a hat (hence her fear of head wear).

In her old life, we think she might have started a fire – a bit of a pyromaniac if you will. That’s why she loves watching the fire in winter.

Harry, we’re sure, was abruptly abandoned, which is why he needs to know where his humans are at all times.

rescue dog
"I like to be close. Always." Image supplied.

You know that if they could speak, they could absolutely tell you some sh*t.

A friend insisted her dog had had puppies young, because she could tell by how her body looked (heh?). When the vet confirmed that absolutely was not true, she refused to believe it, and continued to tell people to tragic story of her dog's teen pregnancy.

2. They're always... thinking about their past.

Whenever you see a rescue looking off into the distance, they're definitely thinking about their past.

Bella thinking about her past.
Bella thinking about her past. Image supplied.

"Look," I whisper to my partner. "She's having flashbacks," even though she's just watching a fly wondering when she should try and eat it.

3. They look scruffy even when you groom them.

You can give a rescue as many hair cuts and washes as you like, but they'll always have a rogue hair on their head that will never sit right.

They never completely make sense. A friend has a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel that's at least twice the size of a normal one and no one knows why.

4. The dog chooses you. You don't choose the dog.

If you think you're going in to get a small black dog, let me assure you, you're leaving with a golden one the size of a horse. 

When you enter the pound, you are at the mercy of whichever dog chooses you to be their human.

And if they appear timid at the pound - they'll end up being the most ridiculously eccentric dog at home, who eats socks for breakfast and tries to climb inside your ears because they always want to be closer.

5. They are forever grateful.

A rescue dog always know they were saved.

Every time you feed or cuddle them they look you in the eye and say - "thank you mum" - before trying to lick you in the eye for no reason.


Rescue dogs aren't needy at all...


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Even though they're weird and complicated and think the washing machine is alive, there is nothing more rewarding than giving a rescue dog a forever home.

Do you have a rescue dog? What are they like? Tell us in the comments section below. 

If you'd like to help a rescue find a forever home, you can visit the Sydney Dogs and Cats Home website.