"They're always... staring." The 9 things all pug owners know to be true.

Ahh, pugs. The most gourmet doggo there is.

While for a lot of us, the closest we’ll ever come to actually owning one is a picture on a novelty cushion, those who do shell out for the funny-looking fur mates may just be the most extra dog parents out there.

And we’re here for it.

If you’ve ever come across a pug owner, they’ve probably whipped out their phones to show you photos of their four-legged child before you even know their name.

(If they’re not nursing them on their lap at your local cafe, complete with novelty vest and bespoke collar, that is.)

We’re definitely not complaining. I mean, look:


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Too dressy? #pug #wolf

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Few can resist melting into a puddle of goo over a pug’s smushed-up little face, bulging eyes and constant look of confusion.

And those who think they’re ugly are simply incorrect.


But while pugs are known for their somewhat quirky appearance, ask any owner and they’ll tell you there’s a lot more to them than just their looks.

Here are 10 things all pug parents know to be true:

1. They’re avid listeners.

We all talk to our dogs, right? Sometimes more than we’re willing to admit…

But when you find yourself telling a pug the ins-and-outs of your day at work, they actually listen.

The unique head tilt of a pug makes them “the next best thing to your human best friend,” says Jeanine, proud owner of Wolf Prentice.

“They’re always listening, so you’ll end up talking their ear off,” she adds.


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Who’s photo bombing who? #twinning #brolove #tilt

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2. They’re definitely not athletes.

“But in their own minds, they’re the winners of the 100-metre sprint at the Olympics,” Jeanine says.

While they’ll most definitely be out-run at the dog park, pugs are completely oblivious to the better athletes around them.

They’re winning their own race, and that’s all that matters.

3. They’re total space invaders.

Like a furry, wheezing handbag, Jeanine says Wolf is like an accessory, and sometimes even “a third arm or leg”.

Sorry if you wanted to use your limbs while relaxing on the couch for any reason. Your body is just another piece of furniture now.

RIP personal space.

4. They’re the furry equivalent of a Dyson.

They’ll lick up any mess on your floor before you even have a chance to grab the vacuum.


5. They can be a bit… snobby.

Pugs are known to be a lil bit fancy, like their owners, who are of course more than willing to spoil their four-legged children.

Honestly, I’ve met some pugs with better wardrobes than my own and I ain’t even mad.


And please, take a moment to take in Wolf’s birthday haul:


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Is this all for moi? #spoilt

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6. You hear them before you see them.

Pugs come with a signature grunt/snort/wheeze that can sound like an old man snoring, or a small piece of broken machinery.

But rather than being irritating to their owners, it’s just what makes them more endearing.

(Yes, even the extremely loud snoring).

7. They eat better meals than you do.

Expensive taste aside, some pugs can have a rather unglamorous problem with… gas.

This is because short-faced breeds gulp air when they eat, and that air has to go somewhere.

Pug experts say commercial diets make flatulence worse, so recommend a homemade diet of real meat and vegetables.

And to think I often have toast for dinner the week before payday.


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Just been hooked up with some qual food…@chefpeteevans @healthyeverydaypets #bonedry #dogsofsydney

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8. They can go a little… nuts.

Nothing in the world is quite like a pug tantrum.

…We told you.

9. They’re always watching. We repeat: always.

Pugs will constantly look at you like you’ve just said something wildly offensive.

If you’re ever caught in a staring contest with a pug, you’ll probably walk away feeling… guilty.



But above all else, they’re fiercely loyal, smart and protective.

Are you living the pug life? Let us know what other personality traits your furry fam member has in the comments below.