The 10 very best throw-on-and-go dresses for this winter.

Last winter, I bought a knitted midi dress with long sleeves. It features a high neck and peeks out just enough that you can see my boots at the bottom.

It's unbelievably comfortable, and I wore it so many times my partner politely asked whether I might want to wear something else out to dinner (I have no problem outfit repeating, but I had worn it a lot).

So I bought it in another colour. And did the same thing all over again.

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Throw-on-and-go dresses are mostly spoken about during summer – they're breezy and make you look put together without actually trying.

But you can do the same thing in winter instead of wearing those (uncomfortable) jeans and a jumper day in, day out.

Here are the 10 throw-on-and-go winter dresses I'm tempted to buy.

(P.S. Seamless undies underneath. You're welcome.)

DISSH Donna Black Long Sleeve Midi Dress, $159.99.

Image: DISSH.


Seed Wool Blend Knit Midi Dress, $249.95.

Image: Seed.


Cos Oversized Alpaca-Blend Jumper Dress, $175.

Image: COS.

Commonry The Cable Front Dress, $229.95.

Image: Commonry.


Forcast Harriet Tie Waist Knit Dress, $109.99.

Image: Forcast.


Nude Lucy Noemi Knit Dress, $150.

Image: Nude Lucy.

Petal & Pup Criselle Knit Maxi Dress, $69.

Image: Petal & Pup.


Country Road Midi Rib Dress, $159.

Image: Country Road.


Forever New Curve Penelope Curve Mixed-Knit Dress, $189.99.

Image: Forever New.


Witchery Crepe Henley Knit Dress, $249.95.

Image: Witchery.

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Feature Image: Instagram/@seedheritage/@forcastofficial

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