A woman heard midwives discussing her "unusual" pubic hair after she'd just given birth.

In the aftermath of giving birth, there are probably few things further from your mind than the state of your pubic hair.

I mean, after having just heaved a human baby out from the same region, whether your “hair down there” is…groomed, or not is probably the least of your worries, right?

Especially since, you’d assume, anyone medically involved in delivering babies would have seen it all.

Well thanks to a forum thread on UK site Mumsnet, as it turns out, one woman’s immediate post-birth experience involved an actual conversation about the state of her pubic hair.

…With the midwives, as they were stitching her second degree tear.

Yes, you read that correctly, and yes, we are not the only ones horrified by it.

The bush is back! Post continues after video.

Posting on a thread in which women were discussing bikini waxing and shaving, the mother wrote:


“The MWs who stitched up my 2nd degree tear were both discussing my “full head” and how unusual it was these days and my women’s health physio said the same.”


Umm, what?

Firstly; is it really that unusual? And secondly; WHY WERE THEY EVEN DISCUSSING IT?!

Fellow posters were equally as shocked by her admission, with one responding: “I hope you told all three of them to shut the f*ck up and then reported them to their superiors?”

“Agree, it’s not on for them to comment,” another added.

While the woman didn’t add anything further to her original comment, others piped up, continuing to comment on the sheer unprofessionalism of all the midwives and physio.

“Holy crap, did they come out with that or did you prompt the comments? If you didn’t, they were seriously unprofessional to make those comments even if they don’t offend you!” one said.

Another added what some of us might be thinking: “OMG I’m due no.2 in April and I will be mortified if the MW starts discussing my full bush!!”

While another simply said: “How completely inappropriate.”