Six reasons to keep your pubic hair, including that it can make sex better.

Some studies show over 84% of the women shave their pubic hair. But does shaving pubic hair do more harm than good? Here are some are compelling reasons to leave the hair down there alone.

1. Natural protection from viruses and bacteria

Pubic hair offers a natural barrier to help keep things cleans down there. Female pubic hair helps to decrease contact with viruses and bacteria to keep the tender skin around the genital area from being abraded. When pubic hair is completely removed, as a woman wears clothes, the skin can be irritated. Pubic hair removal naturally inflames hair follicles, leaving behind small, open wounds. Offering protection is one of the main purposes of pubic hair in the female reproductive system. It also helps protect from bacterial pathogens such as streptococcus.

2. Helps control moisture in the genital area

This is one of the most stated reasons as to why hair grows on private parts. Pubic hair controls moisture by wicking it up and away from the skin. Through this, the chances of getting a yeast infection will be lower. Without the pubic hair, the sweat would be absorbed by the clothes. The pubic hair keeps the skin around the genital area balanced.

pubic hair

3. Boosts sexual sensation

At the end of each hair follicle there exists a nerve ending. These nerve endings are different from the other nerve endings whose purpose in maintaining pressure and temperature. When one hair is brushed, a little sensation is sent down the shaft of the nerve ending. The feelings are registered in the brain as a result of that light touch. If you shave completely, you will miss out on that stimulation. It can be very enjoyable when your partner touches your pubic hair, or blows some warm air across it.

4. Pheromone diffusion

Pubic hair helps in spreading pheromones. Research shows that apocrine glands secrete a scented substance which mixes with the bacteria that comes from the oil given off from the sebaceous gland. Pheromones can be trapped in the armpit hair and pubic hair of both women and men. Pheromone enhance sexual awareness and make people desire for sex. This can be transmitted through the unique scent "down there".

5. Eases friction

Pubic hair helps in reducing friction when parts of the body rub together, or rub against clothing. Pubic hair also helps in easing friction during sexual intercourse. When thinking about shaving or waxing the whole area clean, bear in mind the increased friction that area will have to endure.

6. Pubic hair helps guard against STIs

Some studies have shown that less hair might mean more sexually transmitted infections. People who remove all pubic hair may have higher chances of contracting infections such as Herpes, HPV, and syphilis. Shaving or waxing may also create little abrasions in the skin thus making it easier for infections to make their way in.

7. Regulation of body temperature

Hair follicles help with sweating. Each hair follicle has sebaceous glands which release oil into the hair, which in turn allows oil to go above the skin surface. When oil evaporates, the skin is cooled because of the latent heat.

*This post previously appeared on the Gorgeous Girl blog.