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'My patient told me she was having an affair with a married man. It was my husband.'

Finding out your partner is having an affair is brutal. But this has to be the wildest story of discovering a spouse's betrayal we've ever heard.

A psychologist has shared the moment she found out about her husband's affair from her own client, sharing she had no clue her patient was confessing to an affair that involved herself. 

The experience was outlined on the Toni and Ryan podcast, where the psych anonymously confessed that she "just wanted to scream" because she couldn't "tell either" her husband, patient, or "anyone" about what she knows. 

Watch the moment a psychologist confesses her client is having an affair with her husband. Post continues after video.

Video via Toni and Ryan.

"I'm a psychologist so please keep me anonymous as I can't break confidentiality clauses," the Australian professional confessed to the podcast hosts. "But I have to tell someone."

"A patient of mine told me she was sleeping with a married man and the guilt was eating her alive. The patient said the man was going to leave his wife for her and she was like, 'Well I love this guy and I feel bad. I'm a home wrecker.'"

A few days later, the psychologist got a nasty surprise from her husband.

"Later that week, my husband told me he was leaving me for a woman he's been sleeping with. My husband was having the fling with my patient and I couldn't tell either of them, or anyone, because of the confidentiality clauses but I need to tell someone and I just need to scream."


The now-viral video has more than 21 million views, with many accusing the patient of "knowing" who she was confessing her affair to.

"That lady absolutely knew. I'd drop her as a client. Surely there has to be conflict of interest clauses," one comment read.

Another agreed, writing, "There isn't a single universe in the multiverse where the patient didn't know her doctor is her lover's wife. Shame on her."

Others demanded a "part two" or an "update" on the situation but unfortunately, there's not much more to know just yet. According to Toni and Ryan, the psychologist learned about the affair a little more than a month ago and while she agrees that her patient coming to her specifically was probably not just a coincidence — she has no way to know for sure.

What makes the situation worse is knowing that the cheating pair are now in a relationship, as the psychologist has since seen her patient on her ex-husband's Instagram looking all "lovey-dovey".

While the details of this affair are definitely more unique than many others, unfortunately, infidelity is extremely common. Research has found that approximately 60 per cent of men and 45 per cent of woman have admitted to cheating (whether emotional or physical) during their marriage.

About 70 per cent of marriages experience an affair at some point, too — and if these numbers seem high, consider the fact that only around a third of people admit to their partners that they're cheating.

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