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maya September 25, 2021

As someone living in Melbourne, this has made me feel worse.  I don't have the positive outlook anymore, I find it harder and harder to look for the things to be grateful for.  Telling myself that my family and I are healthy and the sun is shining and the birds are singing just doesn't cut it anymore.  I guess nine months out of the last 20 months being in lockdown will do that to you.  My business is in ruins - I am in the industry that was shut down first and will be the last to resume and that's if I make it to the end of this.  When you are watching Alzheimer's rob your Mother of everything because the lockdown has taken away the routine that was keeping her going, it's so hard for me not to be so angry.  I am angry.  Angry at short sighted Governments at both State and Federal level who are reactive.  They need to be proactive, but none of our so called leaders have a back bone, so that ain't happening until after elections, if at all.  We should not be in this mess.  We got on top of this virus last year, we should have all been vaccinated well and truly by now.  Where is the extra funding for hospitals to cope with outbreaks?  Where are the quarantine facilities that could have been built and open by now?  It's appalling that we're still in this mess!

maya September 25, 2021

The mind boggles as to why the Government spends millions in 'advertising' against violence against women, yet the Government appointed judicial system lets these violent men go - he pleaded guilty!!!!  NOTHING is changing in this country, there's always an excuse used to dismiss disgusting behaviour and women are the ones who always lose out.  He was under the influence of drugs/alcohol, he's had a hard upbringing, he's had a tough year, he was abused as a child, he comes from a privileged background etc. THEN the crap that's put on the victim - she wore something provocative, she asked for it, she said something.  Not to mention the advantage of affording the most expensive lawyer one can get - that should not take away from the crime committed.  In this case, he punched a man as well as this woman - two counts of violence, not one.  WHEN WILL MEN BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS!!!  

maya September 15, 2021

Hollywood tape would have been busy!

maya September 9, 2021

Hmmm, are you looking for scandal where there isn't?  I don't think Brad is unscathed because he has been publicly accused of domestic violence - whether true or not, some mud always sticks.  I think Angelina has done the wrong thing airing their dirty laundry in public when there are children involved.  Let the legal system sort it out.  I would hardly call Jennifer Aniston 'the woman next door' .  At the time of their split up one reason Brad was quoted was he wanted children and Jennifer didn't as she wanted to move forward with her career.  It may be that Angelina had nothing to do with it?  It's no one's business but theirs. Unfortunately, since the beginning of time the 'other woman' is always accused of 'stealing' the husband, as though a husband is a brainless object.  She could never win that one and it's the public's attitude that needs to change, not any of the players.  As for him being seen with her a month after the divorce, where have you been living?  Everyone in Hollywood bed hops as soon as the ink is dry on the divorce papers - he did nothing new.  If you are going to accuse Brad of doing the wrong thing by working with the Weinstein creep, then you better start taking down the rest of Hollywood!

maya August 25, 2021

Pity you can't vaccinate against stupidity....  Nothing but oxygen thieves 

maya August 1, 2021

I have had similar happen to me, not once, not twice, but three times.  I never knew the label and each one was slightly different in their approach, but the end result was the same.  The last one was horrific as when our friendship ended she spread awful rumours about me.  My close friends knew the truth, but the wider community did not.  It made my life a living hell and took several years to get over. Unfortunately the upshot is I am very sceptical of any new friends I meet.  I don't know how these people live with themselves.

maya August 1, 2021

With teenagers and adult children, why are you doing laundry and have no time for yourself?  Delegate.  Give them jobs around the house to do and they can take care of their own laundry.  I have 3 children, the youngest now 18.  I had my first at 30. They all learnt how a washing machine worked by the time they hit high school.  If I'm doing a load, I'll add theirs in, otherwise they do their own.  They also have always done  jobs around the house.  I do catch up with friends, have girls weekends away, weekends and holidays away with my husband alone too.  Maybe look at your weekly schedule and make some changes to free up time for yourself and for you and hubby.

maya July 12, 2021

Wow, how lucky is she?  Her husband will call her an hour prior to see if SHE has got dinner organised and he will so wonderfully pick up take away on his way home!  What a champ!!  And she gets to work from home and look after the house and kids and her husband and wonder she feels overwhelmed.  Where is his share of the responsibility of running the household?

maya April 11, 2021

Hmm, no thanks!  Not really interested in seeing how 'celebrities' coped with 2020 and have returned to their lives, their jobs and carrying on.  I'm still dealing with the fallout from 2020 in my life and my business has been decimated and this year is not turning out to be any better, other than I'm not in lockdown on top.  It's still very raw for so many people who have lost jobs, homes, businesses.  

maya March 20, 2021

Am I missing something?  Your husband made you feel like you were losing your mind, still makes you feel totally insecure and you blame Disney?  He's a 'good man'?

I hope he is, but truly good men who truly love and value their wives and marriage don't cheat.

maya November 1, 2020

@rush exactly!  And precisely what do these offenders have to do before they are off the streets and in jail?  It appears they can continually offend and get away with it.  Until this changes, the murder of women in this country will never stop.

maya September 10, 2020

And this is precisely why domestic violence isn't taken seriously enough when men like him are 'forgiven' and given a platform to keep his life on track with little regard for the people he's hurt on the way.  My husband has said for years exactly what this article is saying - why is he on the radio and tv after what he did??  Just because he once played football?  This country is pathetic with it's high regard for footballers when so many of them break the law and seem to get away with it - they have an attitude of entitlement and think they are above the law!  The attitude towards women with a lot of them is disgusting.  When we actually come together in all walks of life and demand an end to domestic violence something may finally change and women won't be dying at the hands of violent men like this pathetic excuse of a 'man'!

maya July 28, 2020

Whilst I feel for this family and how stressful it must be, our PM had declared a pandemic on 27 February.   There were concerns about international travel at this time.  Borders all over the World were shutting before our PM announced all Australians should come home mid March.  Maybe in Brazil they were unaware of World news?  Maybe if she had used a travel agent, she would be able to contact them and she would be home by now.  There have been several rescue flights from various South American countries back to Australia - these were charter flights, so not advertised.  Without a travel agent, you're on your own...........