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maya May 10, 2024

I think the show lost it when it became more about the nastiness between the girls rather than the end goal.  'Reality' TV has become less about escapism and entertainment and more about abhorrent behaviour by contestants. 

maya March 9, 2024

Well said Mia!  It does appear that women's lives are insignificant to the powers that be.  A cowards punch law can be brought in very quickly over the death of a young man, but a woman's death......  Our courts are not being tough enough on sentences and the Government are not putting tough enough laws in place.  Until we become a ZERO tolerance society against violence against women, we will be reading these articles for ever.

maya November 29, 2023

It's exhausting and the same cries come out week after week as women are continually killed.  No regard for the  warnings in place and AVO orders broken. Children left devastated and the consequences for what they seen and heard to haunt their lives.  Violence against women is shown in video games, movies, TV shows so it's desensitising impressionable youths to think it's okay.  Men still think they're superior.  Our magistrates need the overhaul too - men get into court and get let off with measly sentences.

maya July 7, 2023

Heaven help the human race!  How can this be taken seriously?  Absolute nonsense

maya June 10, 2023

@user1999 Totally agree!  Should use their passion to demonstrate against something that actually matters and harms another living being, not consenting adults.  

maya June 10, 2023

She seriously just accepted Kyle's comment?  Urootable??  Has he looked in a mirror lately?  Such high standards held for women, yet very little for men - even down to the way they speak about us.  Again women are judged on how they look while men are not.  And we wonder why young girls have such huge issues with body image.  

maya April 30, 2023

Yeah, good choice to be unhappy and stay in a loveless marriage.  Your 'soulmate' did the right thing to leave as you can't have an affair indefinitely.  You can't fake happiness and you are bringing up your son in a loveless household - it makes a HUGE difference to how he views a marriage/relationship should be

maya March 31, 2023

I like the #5 floral number.  I do not think it looks like a drape on you.  The cut and colour suits you.

maya March 30, 2023

This is hilarious, it's amazing anyone can keep a straight face.  Apparently the optometrist's Doctor even stated he did not sustain the injuries he claimed to.  And his lawyer appears so star struck by Gwyneth that it's laughable.  So easy to see where this is heading.  He better have his $1.00 ready, along with the hundreds of thousands in legal costs.

maya March 19, 2023

Seriously what is keeping these two here?  They are either being paid to keep the ratings up as so much d.r.a.m.a. or it clearly is for their own exposure.  And I am getting really **ssed off that the 'experts' are not calling out his behaviour more seriously.  If they were serious about truly forming decent relationships, they would remove him from the show - he is every woman's worst nightmare and should be used in schools to show young women the type of man to AVOID.  To speak about and treat a woman, let alone his so called partner, the way he has is deplorable and disgusting and the 3 idiots sitting on the opposite couch do and say absolutely nothing.  And we wonder why 1+ women a week are being killed in this country by their partner or an ex.  

maya September 4, 2022

My daughter will be like you.  She'll have her step Father walk her down the aisle.  He has been her Father since she was 8 years old.  Her biological father has let her down repeatedly, starting well before we split up.  Even now as an adult when she has tried to have some sort of civil relationship with him, his selfish, narcissistic attitudes have ruined it.  He is toxic and she has finally cut him off.  

maya September 3, 2022

Angry beyond words.  Why is his history of violence not allowed to be brought up during the trial.  It's totally relevant in a case like this and he stabbed her and killed her.  No ifs or buts.  AND HE WAS OUT ON PAROLE!  Where is the justice??  Nothing will change in this country until the laws change, the police act on reports at a rapid rate and when they get to court a proper sentence is handed down - should be a minimum of 30 years for a double murder and even more when he's on parole.  He killed TWO people - Allira and her unborn child.  If a man attacks his partner or ex partner there should be severe minimum terms set, not this revolving door system we currently have that is no deterrent.  

maya June 21, 2022

How can you start a story about a kidnapping and then ......  nothing?? 

How disgusting that a pastor told her she was responsible for the unwanted attention of men!  When will this World change where men have got to take responsibility for THEIR actions???

maya May 6, 2022

@ican'tthinkofone  totally agree!  If an outrageous law comes into effect that stops women from controlling whether or not they have a baby, then that baby's father MUST be held accountable financially until that child is 18.  None of this pansy state law that exists throughout the World where Fathers are 'supposed' to financial support their children but we all know so many don't.  Not sure how America handle MIA fathers but Australia is disgusting at ensuring child support is paid.  This is a sideline to the actual story though and NO MAN should be involved in this decision

maya May 4, 2022

I find this hard to believe, whether in America (where there are many non-white people in the media for a start) or Australia.  In fact, from my experience, most of the DJ's and make-up/hair professionals I've come across here are white.  I'm gobsmacked that a groom would be thanking a couple in front of him thinking they were hired help.  

maya March 23, 2022

An inquest to find out what could have been done.  As her family has said in the past, she did everything by the 'book' and he broke his DVO yet again - this time with an absolutely tragic outcome.  My friend had a DVO that was broken again and again in country Victoria.  The police told her to stop calling them in the end as he's 'harmless'.  He failed to appear in court for his breaches and no follow up ever occurred.  She was 'lucky' as he wasn't violent towards her personally.  Scared her, damaged her property and left notes and phone messages declaring his love for her. It could have been so different, the law had no idea what he was capable of.  Domestic violence won't end in this country until the court system takes violence seriously with an attitude of no tolerance.  Even when they're charged, they get woeful sentences - you get more for tax evasion

maya March 17, 2022

Disgusting behaviour and she's clearly a narcissist so will never understand what she did was wrong - not only her behaviour towards Dom but obtaining a nude photo (paying for it I would assume as it's a private site) and sharing it.  Now sharing the photo is illegal and shows double standards by channel 9.  If that was a male contestant sharing the image, can you imagine the outcry and I would think he would be removed from the show immediately.  What this channel will stoop to all in the name of ratings.

maya February 24, 2022

The first thing you should have done was see a solicitor.  Regardless of what was in whose name, you were entitled to half, if not more as you are main care provider for your child.

maya January 30, 2022

While we are it stopping any religious event going against covid protocols imposed on any other function in this country, it's also about time we removed the tax free status of these churches that are run as businesses and get Government grants and support but don't pay their way.  The sideline businesses that so many religions run, competing with private businesses but they get everything tax free.

maya January 3, 2022

Odd that the rapid test came back negative.  Normally someone with covid will test postive for quite some time even after there are no symptons and well after being contagious.  It's why in the UK their covid vaccine certificate can now come with a medical certificate stating the person has had covid and therefore is testing positive.