Princess Margaret's extravagant morning routine is even more proof that she was the most relatable royal.

If you’re a royal history buff (or fan of Netflix’s The Crown) then you already know Princess Margaret was a royal who liked to have a good time.

But this recently resurfaced account of her ‘morning routine’ confirms the late younger sister to Queen Elizabeth II was the most relatable royal ever. After reading an extract of Craig Brown’s Ma’am Darling: 99 Glimpses of Princess Margaret, we can confirm this is exactly how we would spend our mornings if we had zero responsibilities and near-infinite time and money. (Minus the chain-smoking.)

According to the account of her routine in 1955, which has been circulating on Twitter, the princess would begin her day at 9am, waking up in bed – where she would stay for the next two hours, eating, reading and smoking.

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“She has breakfast in bed,” the passage reads, “followed by two hours in bed listening to the radio, reading the newspapers (‘which she invariably left scattered over the floor’) and chain-smoking.”

At about 11am, the then childless and unwed 25-year-old would take an hour-long bath – because when you’ve got all the time in the world, why rush with a shower?

This was followed by “hair and makeup at her dressing table” and then dressing in clean clothes, because “as one would imagine of a Princess – she never wore any of her clothes more than once without having them cleaned”.

Princess Margaret at a film premiere in 1951.(Image via Getty.)

Then at 12.30 - and this is our favourite part - she would "appear downstairs" for a "vodka pick-me-up".  The perfect apéritif to the four-course lunch "served in an informal manner from silver dishes" she'd eat with the Queen Mother from 1pm. That lunch included "half a bottle of wine per person" and a platter of fruit and cheese.

That's where the account ends as her afternoon and evenings would vary with horse-rides, public events, visits with celebrities, and, of course, parties.

While most of Princess Margaret's morning routine sounds downright heavenly, we can't help but think it might not be such a great idea to replicate given that some of these habits seemingly caught up with her. She dealt with lung and heart problems later in life and in 2002, at the age of 71, she died after suffering a stroke.

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