Thought Princess Margaret was cutting in The Crown? Wait and hear these real life stories.

Two words… Princess Margaret.

It turns out Princess Margaret is everything we’ve ever wanted in a royal and more.

While she was a bit of an enigma when she was alive, we’ve since learnt to love the younger sister of the Queen and her, well, goddamn hilarious ways.

Vanessa Kirby’s portrayal of the Princess in The Crown has shown us that while her life was tragic, it was never boring… because she would not have it that way.

She was the original sassy diva, kind of like if Paris Hilton and Mariah Carey had a child and that child lived in a castle and only ever consumed vodka… and then told everyone what she really thought about them.

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So great are her burns, they’ve become part of the royal family folklore.

To give you a lil’ chuckle, here’s a comprehensive list of Princess Margaret’s greatest zingers:

That time she snubbed Twiggy

One of the most Princess Margaret-y moments of all the Princess Margaret-y moments was that time she snubbed 60s supermodel, Twiggy, at a party.

As the story goes, the Princess was seated next to Twiggy at a dinner party, she ignored her for two hours before turning to her and asking, “And who are you?”.

Twiggy replied, “I’m Lesley Hornby, ma’am, but people call me Twiggy”.

Margaret responded, “How unfortunate,” and turned away again.

Oh… burn.

That time she met Elizabeth Taylor

While on a tour of the United States in 1965, Princess Margaret was introduced to Elizabeth Taylor.

Let’s just say it didn’t go well.


The Princess took one look at the gigantic ring Richard Burton had given Taylor and told the actress it was “vulgar”.

Well, she was… right.

That time she was obsessed with Rupert Everett’s legs

In 1986, Rupert Everett (and his legs) were invited to the theatre with Princess Margaret and her lady-in-waiting.

When they were getting in the car, Princess Margaret noticed Everett’s legs and became a lil’ bit obsessed with them.

Everett recounted the whole story to Graham Norton:

“When we were getting in the car, she said, ‘Hey, you’ve got marvellous legs.’ And then she called me Leggy all night. ‘Leggy, do you mind if I grab you at the end of the second act?’”

Everett said during intermission, Princess Margaret basically kicked him out of the toilet so she could go, “She banged on the [bathroom] door and went, ‘Come on, Leggy!’”

“I spent the whole of the second act without having a pee.”

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That time she met Grace Kelly

When Princess Margaret met Grace Kelly she quipped, “You don’t look like a movie star”.

A pretty damn offended Grace Kelly replied, “Well, I wasn’t born a movie star”.

Oh Margaret… what does that even mean?

That time she, kind of, dissed the Queen

Possibly one of Princess Margaret’s memorable quote was when she sort of dissed the Queen.

She said, “My children are not royal; they just happen to have the Queen for their aunt”.

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