Duchess "Fergie" has responded to her daughter's wedding plans being publicly ripped apart.

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The plans for Princess Eugenie’s upcoming wedding have been publicly called into question, and her mother Sarah Ferguson is not having a bar of it.

Without directly commenting on the situation, Duchess Sarah Ferguson of York has shut down a harsh tabloid article criticising the Royal Wedding between Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank.

The mother of the bride-to-be posted a photo of a letter written by Sarah Wade – the CEO and Co-founder of Humanitas Charity of which the Duchess is a patron of, to her social media accounts.

The letter was originally shared by Antonia Marshall, who works as the Duchess’ personal assistant.


The original tabloid article that Wade and the Duchess are protesting denounced the wedding between the 28-year-old royal and her 31-year-old fiance due to their lesser-known royal status. The writer also made swipes at the similarities between their upcoming 12 October nuptials and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s May Royal Wedding.

Wade’s letter openly called out the “vitriol” expressed in the piece.

“I would like to draw into question the purpose of the feature, is it to make a young couple feel embarrassed or ashamed of the choices they have made for their wedding day or is it to incite anger and hatred towards them?” she wrote.

“Either way, the outcome is negative and tantamount to bullying.”

“The rhetoric is inflammatory and divisive, suggesting that the Princess has a ‘hunger for glitz and glamour that is every bit as monstrous as Mother’s Fergie’s’ and making the ill-search judgement that the Princess has done ‘almost nothing of note’.”

Also re-tweeting the letter on Twitter, the Duchess shared her personal assistant’s original tweet.

“Bullying at its’ premium and hiding behind a newspaper commenting about people you’ve never met,” it read.

Although Duchess Fergie didn’t add any of her own words to the Instagram post, her stance was evident.


Like the wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank are due to marry at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and have invited 1,200 members of the public too attend via a ballot system.

The couple met in 2011 while on a skiing holiday through mutual friends and got engaged in January of this year.

Are you looking forward to Princess Eugenie’s upcoming wedding? Controversy, we sure are.

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