Letters emerge showing how Prince Philip really felt about Princess Diana.

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Prince Charles and Princess Diana‘s divorce shocked the world in 1996, but letters show the Duke of Edinburgh took his daughter-in-law’s side during their separation.

In 2003, former royal butler Paul Burrell leaked letters he said were exchanged between Prince Philip and Diana. They show that Philip supported Diana over his son Charles during their divorce.

At the time Philip attempted to block publication of the letters by the Daily Mail, which suggests they’re authentic. The documents have now newly resurfaced.

Express reports that in a letter written on July 7, 1992, Prince Philip told Princess Diana of his and the Queen’s disapproval of Charles’ love life.

Charles and Diana separated in 1992 after he had an affair with his now-wife Camilla Parker Bowles.

“Charles was silly to risk everything with Camilla for a man in his position,” Prince Philip reportedly wrote.

“We never dreamed he might feel like leaving you for her. Such a prospect never even entered our heads.”

He signed the letters with “Fondest love, Pa.”


The Prince’s support was appreciated greatly by Diana, according to her private secretary at the time, Patrick Jephson.

On July 12, 1992, Diana wrote back thanking him for his marriage guidance.

“I was particularly touched by your most recent letter which proved to me, if I did not already know it, that you really do care,” she wrote.

But despite his sympathy, Prince Philip was also frank and at least partially blamed Diana for the breakdown of her marriage.

“Can you honestly look into your heart and say that Charles’s relationship with Camilla had nothing to do with your behaviour towards him in your marriage?” he wrote.

The Princess of Wales died on August 31, 1997, after suffering fatal injuries in a car crash in the Pont de l’Alma road tunnel in Paris.

Diana and Philip may have had more in common than you think.

The Duke of Edinburgh entered the House of Windsor as an outsider. He was part of the Greek and Danish royal family.

Just like Diana, Philip has been regarded as innovative and is credited with working to modernise the monarchy.