The very important role Princess Charlotte will play in the Royal family.


Prince George has his future all laid out. A title, a comfy throne, a gig lording over the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth realm.

But what about his little sister, Princess Charlotte?

The three-year-old’s role is currently confined to sassing the press, waving at strangers and being a downright adorable flower girl at family weddings. But in the next two decades or so, that’s all set to change.

Currently fourth in line of succession, it’s unlikely Princess Charlotte will ever wear the crown. But she’s still close enough to the centre of power that she won’t be able to chose her own path.

Instead, she will likely take on the gig currently held by Prince Charles’ sister, Anne:

Princess Royal.

Video by Mamamia

The title is customarily reserved for the eldest daughter of a monarch, and she will therefore only be eligible when Prince William takes the throne. Even then, though, it may not apply straigh


For one, Princess Royal is not an automatically inherited title – it’s bestowed at the King or Queen’s discretion. And secondly, it’s lifelong, so Princess Anne, 68, will have to be… well, dead before Charlotte is eligible to assume the mantle.

Regardless, we can expect Princess Charlotte’s role within the Royal family to be well and truly full-time. (Unlike her dad’s cousins, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie – both of whom are removed enough to have normal ongoing pleb jobs.)

Based on the precedent set by her great-aunts and her uncle Prince Harry, it’s likely a grown-up Charlotte will be dedicated to attending official engagements, public appearances, royal tours, and charity patronage.

But of course, at the rate of change happening in the Windsor-Mountbatten household nothing’s set in stone. I mean, c’mon. Prince Harry is even posting to Instagram these days and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, crosses her legs in public. IN. PUBLIC.

Times are a-changing, people.