Like Kate and Wills, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are getting a movie. Here's what to expect.

Royal fans among us were excited to learn that US network Lifetime is filming a movie about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle set to be released right before their May wedding.

The film, based on the couple’s romance, is titled Harry & Meghan: The Royal Love Story and comes from the channel which is notorious for their melodramatic flicks.

One such film was William and Kate: The Movie, which in case you missed it’s initial 2011 screening ahead of the royal wedding, told of how Prince William and Kate Middleton met, fell in love and got engaged.

Given it’s from the same company, produced with a similarly tight turn-around of just a few months on what, we’re guessing, is a similar budget, we thought it was worth taking a look at William and Kate: The Movie to see what we can expect from the upcoming flick.

Cheesy dialogue.

The 2011 film was full of awkward, clunky and cheesy lines and we expect this new movie to follow suit.

Scenes like the one where Kate’s character (played by actress Camilla Luddington) describes William (Nico Evers-Swindell) to her friend as “just a guy”, to which her friend replies: “He’s just a guy who happens to be the future king of England.”

"I’m studying you" is something Prince William literally never said. Image: Lifetime.

At another point, while Kate says, "We’re supposed to be studying," to which the prince says lovingly, "I’m studying you." Cough.

And then there's the remark Wills character made upon seeing Kate in a fashion show: "She’s hot!" Yep, that's exactly what we think the real prince would have said.

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American locations made to look like the UK.

You'd think a film about the British royal family would be filmed in Britain, but this was not the case. The film was mainly shot in LA (indoors where possible) with some filming the UK. Many British reviewers called the California locations unconvincing stand-ins for Scotland and London.

Given the royal couple had only announced their engagement six months before their wedding, giving the filmmakers a very tight deadline, with a relatively small budget, we do understand why location scouts and overseas shoots were the first thing to go.

"This is completely natural behaviour." Image: Lifetime.

Non-British actors with non-British accents.

Speaking of things that aren't British, the actor who played Prince William was, in fact, a New Zealander. His co-star Camilla Luddington was at least from England, but bizarrely her British accent was worse than his.

We can only hope the American actress Lifetime cast to play Meghan has an over-the-top Californian accent.

Harry trying to be normal, while Meghan struggles with princess etiquette.

Like in any good rom-com based on the premise 'they're from two different worlds', William and Kate hammered home that Kate was going to need to change if she wanted to fit into the royal family. As seen in the scene where she's scolded while following instructions on how to get out of a car: "No, keep your legs firmly together."

Being a princess is sooo hard. Image: Lifetime.

Meanwhile, we saw plenty of William lamenting that he was not just a normal guy. We just know there's going to be a scene where Prince Harry and Meghan have a tough conversation about whether she truly wants this royal life.

And finally... that it will be laughably bad, but we will love it anyway.

It's not going to be anything critics rave about, that's for sure. In fact, William and Kate was pretty much universally panned. But that doesn't mean it wasn't enjoyable. We expect this film will also transcend into the realm of so-bad-it's-good. Our bodies are so ready.

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