We now know Prince George and Princess Charlotte's favourite children's book and OMG SAME.

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If you want to get your kids onto a royal-approved reading list quick smart, then lucky you, because Prince William has just shared one of Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s favourite bedtime stories.

The title comes as no surprise and it’s the much-loved children’s classic, The Gruffalo by Axel Scheffler and Julia Donaldson.

The Duke of Cambridge shared the tidbit of information when he met the authors who are currently working with the Tusk Trust on their Tusk Rhino Trail Map.

The project asks prominent artists to decorate 21 rhinos which are put on exhibition at iconic London locations, like Kensington Palace and Carnaby Street. Scheffler and Donaldson’s chosen design included characters from their book The Ugly Five, which features animals from the African safari.

The sculptures are then auctioned off to raise funds to fight the illegal wildlife trade of endangered species, including black and white rhinos.

According to People, when Prince William met the authors he was quick to offer his words of praise.

“I know who you are. It’s a big hit in our household, The Gruffalo,” he said.


The book itself is about a mouse who takes a stroll “through a deep dark wood” and meets a variety animals including the mythical Gruffalo. It’s written in rhyme and has sold over 13 million copies since it was originally published in 1999.

The Gruffalo has also been adapted into a play which was been performed on London’s West End and at our very own Sydney Opera House, and also lends itself to a 2009 Oscar-nominated film of the same name and stars Robbie Coltrane, James Corden and Helena Bonham Carter.

Literary picks aside, thanks to Prince William, we also know Prince George’s favourite film is The Lion King – a movie love he shares with his uncle, Prince Harry.

See? Royal children, they’re just like us.

What are some of your favourite children’s book titles? Does The Gruffalo make it onto your list? Tell us in a comment.