Pregnant model brutally beaten as she cradled her six-week-old baby.

Sensitive: This post deals with domestic abuse.

Ava Van Rose, 26-year-old Irish glamour model, has suffered extensive facial injuries after being savagely beaten while cradling her baby.

The attack took place on Friday at a Dublin address, and has resulted in the hospitalisation of her six-week-old son, Bryson, after he sustained internal injuries from blows to the back.

Van Rose — whose real name is Bridget Byrne — took to social media to notify the public of her beating, telling her Facebook followers, “My little six week old baby has been kept in hospital and I have no idea when he will be released”.

Ms Byrne went on to explain that her baby boy “suffered an assult[sic] by the hands of his own father”.

Ms Byrne is also pregnant with her fourth child.

Brigitte Byrne with her son, Bryson. (Image via Facebook)

Speaking to MailOnline, she detailed the horrific events that resulted in both she and her son being hospitalised.

“I was punched in the face with my six-week old baby in my arms.

“My son was punched in the back as I tried to put him down in order to save him as I was being made a punching bag out of.

“I struggled to get out of the situation. While still being punched and kicked I finally got away. I was threatened with a knife too.

“It was horrible; the whole thing was horrible. I’m very upset — I’m not in a good way at all.’

For the time being, Ms Byrne and her son remain in a Dublin hospital, while doctors perform a series of tests and scans on Bryson’s head and back.

Ms Byrne and her son remain in a Dublin hospital, while doctors perform a series of tests and scans on Bryson’s head and back. (Image via Facebook)

“It’s very hard on us. The baby was in my hands when I was being beaten.

“I was continually punched, I begged the person to stop saying I had my baby in my arms.

“He was punched in the back and was howling in pain and screaming. I tried to get him out of my hands because this person wasn’t stopping and kept laying in. The more I pleaded to stop the more aggressive the person was getting saying they were going to kill me.

“My body is very bruised and I had to get stitches of my lip.

“I’m more worried about my son though, his injuries are worse than mine.’

If you or a loved one is experiencing domestic violence, call 1800RESPECT or visit this website.

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