A woman was fired over text message and the reason is infuriating mums everywhere.

Kameisha Denton was fired over text because her pregnancy was not convenient for her manager.

Yes. You read that right.

The US woman shared a screenshot of the text she received from her manager at Marysville Jersey Mike’s Subs to her Facebook page. It has since received more than 1000 shares.

Denton told KIRO TV she realised she hadn’t been assigned shifts after telling her boss she was pregnant, so she texted him asking for an updated schedule.

He replied to tell her she was fired, as “it’s not a good time” for someone to go on maternity leave. There’s no ambiguity there. He literally fired her for being pregnant.

Denton said she was shocked by the reply.

“It took me a minute to face reality, I was like ‘this is really happening’.”

Jersey Mike’s owner Tim Trieb told KIRO TV this never should have happened.

He said the manager involved had resigned from the company. Trieb had offered Denton her job back but she declined.

Many comments on Denton’s Facebook post point out that discrimination is illegal and encouraged her to get legal advice.

“Do not let this go,” one Facebook user wrote. “Discrimination is against the law and u have it in writing too. Let’s see them explain this away.”

“Girl. This is highly illegal. Make this public and drag him, the company would not stand behind that and Im sure would get it dealt with QUICKLY if this is how the managers run their stores. Social media is powerful,” wrote another.

Washington state law states that it is unfair practice for an employer to refuse to hire or promote, terminate or demote a woman because of pregnancy or childbirth.

Denton said she looked at the incident as a blessing as she had received “message after message” from employers offering her jobs.

She also wanted to make sure no other woman went through this and has encouraged other woman to speak up.

“A lot of people think that this is okay when it’s not.”