We all have a 'poop friend' whether you realise it or not.


A viral tweet has opened our eyes to a very special kind of friendship – one we probably all enjoy, but don’t give the appreciation it deserves.

No, it’s not the brunch pal or the gym buddy – well, it could be, if they’re also the friend you speak to about your bowel movements.

Because the very special relationship we’re talking about is the poop friend.

Yes, this is the friend you are so comfortable with you can text/call/speak to about your poop without either of you batting an eyelid. Maybe there’s even questionable and unnecessary images involved. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This all came to light when US writer and podcast host Tracy Clayton tweeted the question, asking people to confirm that everyone has a poop friend.


They… did.

And oh, we didn’t even realise this was a thing until now, but it so is.

Clayton’s tweet received hundreds of replies, including people who tagged their poop friend, others who claimed to have ‘poop clans’ and even one truly beautiful poop friend proposal.






The beauty of the poop friendship is that in order to be part of one, you need to feel totally comfortable sharing intimate, maybe embarrassing details with each other. That requires a lot of mutual trust and respect – so we think talking about each others poop is basically the perfect recipe for a successful friendship.

Either that or you need to find someone who just really loves toilet humour. This is also very valuable.

So whoever your poop friend – or poop clan – is, today we implore you to give thanks. Tell them how very grateful you are for their unconditional poop (and non-poop) related support and be sure to be the best poop friend you can be in return.

Because without them you’d have to… keep your poop stories to yourself, and where is the fun in that?