A photo of a police officer talking on her phone while driving has enraged Aussies.

We’re all told not to do it – and for good reason, too.

But when it comes to talking on your phone while driving, there seems to be one set of rules for the general public and another set of rules for the police.

A photo of a New South Wales police officer talking on her mobile phone while driving has gone viral on social media, with many angry commentators calling the officer out.

While it’s not known who took the controversial photo, the internet is divided over the officer’s actions.

Police officer talking on phone while driving.
This photo of a police officer talking on her phone while driving has angered a lot of people on social media. Image: Twitter

"So police can use the phone while driving yet we get [a] big fine for doing the same #policehypocrisy," wrote one person on Twitter.

"If I did the same I would be fined four demerit points and a fine $455 [sic]. Talk about a clear double standard," wrote another.

But the NSW police force has denied any wrongdoing by the officer.

"It's legal," a spokesperson told the Daily Mail. "Police and all emergency services are exempt from that road rule."

According to NSW road rules, it is illegal for a driver to use their phone while driving or while their car is stationary but not parked.

You are only allowed to use your phone if it is in a phone mount, rendering it hands-free.

Police and other emergency vehicles are exempt from this rule though.