Rebekah Robertson: The Trailblazing Mother Of A Trans Child

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Rebekah Robertson: The Trailblazing Mother Of A Trans Child

Rebekah Robertson had twins. Both assigned male at birth. Despite what was written on their birth certificates, Rebekah’s twins were very different to one another.

And so began the story of a little person called Georgie who knew deep inside that she was a girl. 

In this conversation Rebekah explains when she first realised Georgie was transgender and how she handled everything from school to clothes to friends and doctors. She also talks about why the way she has parented her trans child is the exception and how that breaks her heart.

Rebekah is an actress, activist and author. She is the founder of Transcend, a charity for families of transgender children and she’s written a book called About A Girl about how she raised Georgie and how she navigated a safe path for her through a world that still struggles to understand what trans kids need to survive and thrive.

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Guest: Rebekah Robertson

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