The Great Relationship Accelerator

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The Great Relationship Accelerator

According to Psychologist Esther Perel, times of crises makes us behave differently in our relationships. So, being locked up inside will either bring people closer together or tear them apart. Can COVID-19 act as a relationship accelerator? We discuss. 

Also, do you remember how reality TV shows started off as wholesome semi-innocuous entertainment. Nowadays, it’s all about raising the stakes for shock value. We unpack the evolution of the reality TV star. 

Plus, the app Zoom has recently received a security warning from the FBI due to user privacy breaches. Jessie is worrying about other things at the moment and she genuinely doesn’t care. But should she? 


Holly’s article ‘An isolation I Don’t List: The 10 things parents definitely aren’t doing right now.’...

Mia’s No Filter Chat with Sarah Marie…


Jessie- API (assume positive intent) and HIIT (high intensity interval training)

Mia- A virtual knockoff on MamaMia’s Facebook page…

Holly- Cheers Sweetie gift site…


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