Is Coronavirus Making People Racist?

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30 Jan 2020 · 42 minutes

Is Coronavirus Making People Racist?
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False information and a sense of hysteria is in the air after nearly 8000 people have been affected by Coronavirus (at the time of the recording of this episode). But is the Coronavirus enabling an anti-Chinese sentiment? 

Also, with Instagram, Facebook and even TicTok making everyone witness to our outfits of the day, healing journeys, and tedious workout routines, is there such a thing as a “personal life” anymore? 

Plus, it hasn’t been easy wrapping our head around the complicated legacy of basketball legend Kobe Bryant. At his best, he was a dedicated husband and an active philanthropist but at his worst, he allegedly raped a 19 year old woman back in 2003. How do we navigate the good, the bad and the ugly of a celebrity’s legacy?

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