'Being a plus-sized model gave me an insecurity that has nothing to do with my body.'

Have you ever noticed how plus-size models never seem to have a double chin? Well, as a plus-size model myself, it's a question that's crossed my mind more than once.

In this fascinating world of plus-size modeling, I've encountered my fair share of insecurities, but what I’m most self-conscious about is my double chin. It's a peculiar paradox when we're celebrating diverse body shapes and sizes, and yet there seems to be an unspoken rule that our faces must not look 'fat'.

Now, before we embark on this little adventure, let me introduce myself – Hi, I'm Sarah, and I'm just your friendly neighbourhood plus-size model on a mission to break down unrealistic beauty standards. Think of me as the superhero of the fashion world, here to battle airbrushing villains and defeat the dreaded 'one-size-fits-all' monster.

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Being a plus-size model isn't exactly what I imagined when I first set foot in the industry. I envisioned breaking barriers and celebrating body positivity. And while that's definitely part of the gig, it's also an eye-opener. Plus-size models seem to be a diverse bunch, right? Well, that's where things get interesting.

The truth is, we face our own set of unattainable beauty standards. We're celebrating all body shapes and sizes, but here's the twist – only as long as they don't look, well, too 'fat'.

Plus-size modeling has come a long way. We're strutting down runways, gracing magazine covers, and taking the fashion industry by storm. But there's one teeny-tiny detail that's conspicuously absent in this body-positive extravaganza – the double chin.

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Who knew a little extra chin could be so inclusive? Forget about size, age, or gender! Society has managed to turn this fear into the ultimate equaliser. It's like a secret society, but instead of secret handshakes, we just awkwardly tilt our heads up in selfies.

The contradiction lies in only celebrating the curvy hourglass bodies with flat stomachs and thin faces. Put a size 12 body next to a size 6 model, and suddenly, it's the plus-size elephant in the room. But let's be real, that's not a fair portrayal of what plus-size bodies truly look like. It's like trying to pass off a teaspoon of water as an ocean – a narrative that's more smoke and mirrors than genuine inclusion. It's as if the industry whispers, "You can be plus-size, but don't you dare look it."

We're celebrating diverse body shapes and sizes, and yet there seems to be an unspoken rule that our faces must remain thin. It's like walking a tightrope, where one false step might jeopardise my modeling career.

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The idea of whether downsizing my face is the key to unlocking career opportunities lingers persistently. It's like a mischievous thought that just won't let go. I've wasted hours delving into the world of cosmetic surgery and the ever-evolving realm of face-sculpting beauty treatments, all in pursuit of that elusive modeling standard.

If I made my double chin disappear, could my career reach the heights of Ashley Graham, Iskra Lawrence, or La’tecia Thomas? This conundrum illustrates the absurdity of the modeling industry, where even our face proportions are up for grabs and up to interpretation.

Let's face it (pun fully intended), it's time we celebrate every inch of ourselves. We're all beautifully imperfect. Let’s not only demand genuine representation in the industry but also redefine beauty on our own terms. Let's turn the spotlight on our beauty, whether it's in the form of curves or the freckles on your face.

We're rewriting the rulebook, my friends, and every aspect of us is a piece of the art that is our existence. Our double chins don't call the shots; our self-love does.

Feature Image: Instagram.

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