Here are 15 plus-size dresses for literally any budget, starting from $28.

I'm careful about what I put in my shopping cart for several reasons. 

Firstly, I'm a big girl with big bits, so I want quality pieces.

Plus-size clothes are also just more expensive and I simply cannot afford to waste my money. 

And lastly, I really, really want to be proud of and use every single piece of clothing I own. 

In 2022, I went 12 months without buying anything clothing-related after realising I owned way too much stuff. I was faced with reality when I found three the same colour...folded neatly at the back of my wardrobe and I had no memory of buying them.

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Twelve months on from when I decided I could start buying clothes again, I've purchased maybe three or four things I really truly love. 

And with the warmer months upon us, I've realised I need to top up my wardrobe with some long-lasting, transitional dresses that make me feel beautiful, fashionable and secure (AKA, I don't want the boobs flopping about). 


So, whether you're shopping for a party or brunch with friends, here are the 15 best dresses that are in my shopping cart for the warmer weather — ranging from budget-friendly to all-out splurge.

What to buy from BloomChic.

What is BloomChic's size range? BloomChic goes up to a size AU28-30.

BloomChic Striped Dolman Sleeve Pocket Shirred Flutter Wrap Dress, $28.

BloomChic Striped Dolman Sleeve Pocket Shirred Flutter Wrap Dress. Image: BloomChic.

I'm a little wary of fashion labels I have not purchased from before but I am about to make the jump with BloomChic after reading quite literally hundreds of reviews from customers who have tried and tested the brand.


They have some gorgeous dresses and summer wear looks for really affordable prices (mind you, a lot of the other brands I have mentioned in this article are slower, more sustainable fashion labels, so keep that in mind).

I'll be buying this sleeve-pocket flutter wrap dress as soon as I can.

What to buy from Friday Flamingo. 

What is Friday Flamingo's size range? Friday Flamingo goes up to a size AU30.

Friday Flamingo Elizabeth Dress in Orange Floral, $69.99.

Friday Flamingo Elizabeth Dress in Orange Floral. Image: Friday Flamingo.


Friday Flamingo is the kind of brand you go to when you want to look cute, feel comfortable and SHOW UP and SHOW OUT on a night on the town. 

This orange floral dress from the label is delightful and especially wearable during those super-hot days and balmy summer nights.

What to buy from Orange Sherbet.

What is Orange Sherbet's size range? Orange Sherbet goes up to a size AU24.

Orange Sherbet Jules Midi Dress in White, $79.96.

Orange Sherbet Jules Midi Dress in White. Image: Orange Sherbet.


I was directed to Orange Sherbet by a few kind Mamamia readers who pointed out they were especially disappointed I hadn't mentioned the brand before – and you know what? I'm disappointed too because their designs are CAHUTTE.

I'm a big believer in clothes being made for the body and not the other way around, so I LOVE that this midi dress from Orange Sherbet has thick straps, an elastic waist and an adjustable drawstring tie at the bust.

This is a brand that has its finger on the pulse when it comes to making clothes for bigger bodies the right way and I am sincerely sorry I didn't pay attention to Orange Sherbet before. But I've learned from my mistake, okay? Okay.

What to buy from ASOS.

What is ASOS' size range? ASOS goes up to a size AU32 (but have a look at the sizing options available, some select fits are only in EU or UK sizing!). 

ASOS Curve Puff Sleeve Maxi Wrap Dress in Blue Floral Print, $62.50.

ASOS Curve puff sleeve maxi wrap dress in blue floral print. Image: ASOS.


ASOS is my go-to when it comes to finding clothes for a big bust. With hundreds of brands to choose from, I still can't help but go right to the ASOS' very own designs because whoever is coming up with the frocks is a gift sent from heaven. 

Lightweight, breathable fabric? Check. 

Puffy sleeves? Check. 

Soft pleats? CHECK. 

All my boxes are ticked with this maxi wrap dress (it's also a bonus that wrap-tie frocks like this one make the boobs STAND to attention).

ASOS COLLUSION Plus Shirred Bodice Summer Maxi Smock Dress in White, $31.

ASOS COLLUSION Plus Shirred Bodice Summer Maxi Smock Dress in White. Image: ASOS/COLLUSION.


Looking for something simple? Try this smock dress from Collusion, sold at ASOS. It's cute, stretchy where it counts and beautifully made.

(SIDE NOTE: I love Collusion. This brand ALWAYS gets it right when it comes to making fits for the bigger gals).

What to buy from Fayt The Label.

What is Fayt The Label's size range? Fayt The Label goes up to a size AU26.

Fayt The Label Jose Mini Dress in Leaf Print, $69.95.

Fayt The Label Jose Mini Dress in Leaf Print. Image: Fayt The Label.


Now, I won't lie to you all. I was told I need to add some variety when it comes to sharing what's in my shopping cart.

The message was received. LOUD and CLEAR.

So I expanded where I was looking and I came across Fayt The Label, which is founded and run by content creator, business owner and influencer Brittney Saunders – who I grew up watching on YouTube. 

My eye was instantly drawn to this affordable mini tube dress from the brand because the print is bold but in muted colours. I also like how the zip is invisible, there's a curved neckline and a silicone grip around the chest to hold the girls up. 


PLUS, this mini dress isn't TOO mini. As in, the butt cheeks won't be popping out when walking. My bigger friends will understand what I mean. 

What to buy from The Iconic.

What is The Iconic's size range? The Iconic goes up to a size AU24.

Atmos&Here Gaelle Long Sleeve Knit Midi Dress in Blue, $99.

Atmos&Here Gaelle Long Sleeve Knit Midi Dress in Blue. Image: The Iconic.


This glorious long-sleeved knit midi dress is a goodie for the workplace (where it is usually air-conditioned if you work in an office) or for a fancy dinner with a hot date (or your best mates). It's a rich blue shade that pops against the skin and I think it will suit the brief for most functions.

It's a little thicker, so it might be best for nighttime wear, but knowing me, I will be wearing this bad boy EVERYWHERE.

Atmos&Here Aurora Satin Maxi Dress in Olive, $119.

Atmos&Here Aurora Satin Maxi Dress. Image: The Iconic.


I love this dress from Atmos&Here for its lightweight look with the satin fabric and deep gold tone. 

It's a little more conservative than most might go for during the warmer months, but I think it's perfect for sunset drinks or a fancy dinner with your best gal pals. 

It's also quite timeless so could easily be worn during the winter months as well – plus, it's perfect for the ones who want a chic look with no cleavage!

What to buy from Dani Marie The Label.

What is Dani Marie The Label's size range? Danie Marie The Label goes up to a size AU28-30.

Dani Marie The Label Nicole Tie Front Maxi Dress in Cobalt, $159.

Dani Marie The Label Nicole Tie Front Maxi Dress in Cobalt. Image: Dani Marie The Label.


This maxi dress in the shade cobalt haunts my dreams.

It is SO beautiful and so elegant but also holds all your bits in (I have worn this frock and can attest to my boobs staying in place).

I can imagine someone who lives by the beach wearing this – or someone who would at least like to look like they live by the beach. 

Dani Marie Carla Twist Front Maxi Dress in Blue Spot, $165.

Dani Marie The Label Carla Twist Front Maxi Dress in Blue Spot. Image: Dani Marie The Label.


I love this maxi dress because the brand channels practical wear for bustier ladies without sacrificing quality or style. This print is gorgeous and works well for the girls who want to go straight from work to a rooftop bar as soon as 5pm hits.

What to buy from Novella The Label.

What is Novella The Label's size range? Novella The Label goes up to a size AU26.

Novella The Label Paradiso Satin Wrap Dress Paradiso Feather Print, $249. 

Novella The Label Paradiso Satin Wrap Dress Paradiso Feather Print. Image: Novella The Label.


Novella The Label is a stickler for quality and a brand that always comes to mind when someone mentions wanting to add colour to their wardrobe. Their style is more risqué than a lot of other brands and that's why I love Novella. They make frocks for the ladies who want and deserve to be seen. There is nothing shy about their styles, cuts or prints.

This satin wrap dress with the paradiso feather print is one I'm popping in my cart because I want to add a lot more colour to my rotation.

What to buy from Commonry. 

What is Commonry's size range? Commonry goes up to a size AU22.

Commonry The Contrast Stitch Poplin Dress in Wheat, $229.95.

Commonry The Contrast Stitch Poplin Dress in Wheat. Image: Commonry. 


Commonry doesn't stock my size unfortunately, as I am a size 24-26, but I have a lot of plus-size friends who are OBSESSED with this brand so I felt like I had to mention it because this contrast stitch poplin dress is so on trend and perfect for the hot weather.

It's chic, practical and fashionable, so if you find that Commonry stocks your size, please have a look through their website. They're a brand that knows fashion trends inside out.

What to buy from Aulieude.

What is Aulieude's size range? Aulieude goes up to a size AU24-26.

Aulieude Athena Black Dress, $320.

Aulieude Athena Black Dress. Image: Aulieude.


I have been obsessed with Aulieude from the moment I heard about the brand. 

Why? Because they make impeccably crafted designs for bigger women. That's a tick in my book, meaning the brand will always have my support. 

They typically sell out of their most popular styles, but there are still a few sizes left in this style, so I'd get it before it is gone.  

Aulieude Pandora Sage Dress, $320.

Aulieude Pandora Sage Dress. Image: Aulieude.


Another banger from Aulieude that I am absolutely SMITTEN with. It's also made from 100 per cent linen, so it WILL last if you take care of it.

Every single friend I have gotten on to Aulieude has become obsessed and if I'm being honest, I need this dress immediately.

What to buy from Ecclestone.

What is Ecclestone's size range? Ecclestone goes up to a size AU26 (but offers up to a size AU30 on select fits).

Ecclestone Everyday Dress in Chocolate Brown, $220.

Ecclestone Everyday Dress in Chocolate Brown. Image: Ecclestone.


We're big fans of Katie Parrott here at Mamamia, and I can personally attest to screeching when I learned about her relatively new fashion baby, Ecclestone.

All of her creations are made with natural fibre fabrics, and that's clear with this everyday dress in chocolate brown. It's created from 100 per cent mid-weight linen so it's designed to last.

This article was originally published on December 26, 2023 and has since been updated with new information.

Feature Image: ASOS; Friday Flamingo; Fayt The Label.