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j_sum January 15, 2024

Absolutely blown over by the show. Love that its aussie made. Didn’t realise it was a book first - so good! 

j_sum December 29, 2023

I really appreciate this article - I didn’t know about a lot of these brands- and while they are pricey, I appreciate the Australian made, sustainable perspective. Might be able to nab one on sale! Have also appreciated other commenters sharing their favourite labels - will be chasing them up! In need of non- nanna plus size clothes! 

j_sum December 16, 2023

Ok so now we clearly need to see Mia in these outfits!!! Pretty please?

j_sum December 14, 2023

Wow this has put words to a feeling I didn’t understand - thank you. I went to the doctors thinking I might ask…but chickened out from the shame. 6 months later, nothing’s improved and my chance if having a second baby is slipping away. Also the guilt over the shortage is another reason I didn’t ask. Without stigma, I would be there in a heart beat giving it a go. Feels strange to say… but very grateful to Oprah and this article for challenging my mindset. 

j_sum November 28, 2023

I saw the original  post and felt physically ill. I wrote a response and then deleted it because I could feel how my blood was boiling and didn’t want to invite a debate over it. Im actually really glad to see you consulted a specialist to see what they would say as its opened my eyes up to a perspective that I may not have considered if it had just come from other mums. But genuinely, my heart and head very strongly still tell me to give the kid the card because you never iknow what is going in on for them. I just don’t even agree with labelling a kid a bully at that age. Shudder… but yes, grateful for the insight into unpacking the child’s rights and responsibilities … sigh… bringing up kids is not easy! 

j_sum August 17, 2023

Oh my gosh Shannen, what a nightmare! I hate being a llus size traveller and avoid it where I can but had never even dreamed this could happen! Horrendous! Thank you for doing your bit to bring about change. Just a shame it had to be such an awful experience to trigger it. Hope your trip away with your friends was still lovely. 

j_sum March 6, 2023

Congratulations Claire! Love the recap and gosh there were some absolute winners in that lot but the final pick was just beautiful xxx wishing you and hubby a lifetime of happiness xxx

j_sum March 6, 2023

Loved the book and binged what was available last night when I found it. Im so excited to hear the music! Had no idea the actor who plays Daisy is a relative of Elvis! Wow! 

j_sum March 5, 2023

@laura__palmer feels good to at least voice it here. Thanks for the response. I voiced something like this at the time on those pregnancy app communities and was absolutely smashed for not being more understanding. I think ill definitely chase up some counselling x 

j_sum March 5, 2023

@jay im too scared to bring it up in counselling - he’s one of those guys that if you bring something up, he lives and breathes it - i think it would break him and then us… i dunno… i might start with counselling for myself… good point x

j_summer March 5, 2023

My partner suffers from anxiety anyway so I guess he has reasons for his actions but I really resented him for things that happened around our pregnancy. I still stew over it 5 years later and often wonder if its worth bringing up but I guess not. He was sitting in the corner of the room when we were told about there was no heartbeat and didn’t move towards me at all. When I was pregnant and feeling blissfully happy and beautiful, he would freak out at the thought of touching my belly - wouldn’t look at the ultra sounds. When bub was born he didn’t ever text while he was at work to check in. Said it would make him too sad that he was missing out. And then two weeks in had a breakdown- and I thought here we go, we’ll get to the bottom of it - but it was about his car not suiting his identity. It’s definitely changed our relationship… I’m not even sure he realises. Then I feel guilty cos its anxiety related… but man… it sucked not to be able to share the joy- especially after the miscarriage. Still don’t know if I’m being cruel… siiiigh.

j_summer February 14, 2023

Im with Mia! I was happy to cop it over night so I could lean on him the next day. If it got too much, Im sure I could have asked. Baby was in the room and I took him out to feed. It was also a safety thing for his job. I wouldn’t have wanted operating heavy machinery while tired. In saying this, Ive recently dropped from full time to 4 days to do kindy and suddenly I’ve got stay at home mum expectations on me which doesn’t feel balanced! So we will definitely need a conversation.