"Their collections sell out SO fast." 16 women on the plus-size brands that never fail them.

Ten years ago, I – along with millions of other fat women – likely could have never imagined the space that the fashion world would make for them in 2022. 

It's no secret that the reason for this fierce step forward is all thanks to a growing body positivity (and neutrality) movement that has pushed for a world where size inclusivity is no longer an option, but a demand. 

Thankfully, as a result of this demand, we've seen more and more brands cater for a wider audience – from a size 6 all the way up to a size 32.

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There's still a long way to go across the global fashion market, but the brands who are already paving the way for a more inclusive world have been paramount – and we wanted to celebrate them right here, right now with this recommendation list. 

So here it is! 16 women share the plus-size brands that truly never let them down. 

Lacey-Jade Christie (laceyjadechristie).

The plus-size brands I turn to are ones that cater to plus sizes up to at least a size 24, but preferably a size 26. 


I think that there are two ways that a brand can show up for fat babes with regards to style. There are brands that do good basics, and there are those other brands that do amazing seasonal wear or festival wear. 

Lacey-Jade in 17 Sundays. Image: Instagram @laceyjadechristie. 

The go-to brands that never let me down are 17 Sundays and Friday Flamingo. They are all over my grid because they go up to a size 26. They have amazing quality jeans and dresses and really stunning clothes that are quite universal in that you can wear them anytime, and they're of great quality. 


This is also controversial, but for my seasonal and festival wear, I do turn to a lot of fast fashion brands. Sometimes there just isn't another option – especially if you're looking for something that's out there. A lot of small businesses don't take risks on 'out there' fashion because they're afraid that it won't sell. 

Lacey-Jade in Friday Flamingo. Image: Instagram @laceyjadechristie. 


So I go to places like Pretty Little Thing, Fashion Nova and Shein. It does hurt my soul a little bit, but sometimes there are no other options. 

It's also nice to shop at those fast fashion outlets because it does allow you to wear something that not everyone is going to be wearing, because if you're buying from City Chic all the time, everyone's wearing the same thing and I like to stand out!

Lacey-Jade in Fashion Nova. Image: Instagram @laceyjadechristie. 


To add a point of difference: If you're looking for business wear, Harlow is always a great option. They go up to a size 26, (which is awesome) and they do amazing suit pants.

American brands are really smashing it right now. The only issue is that shipping is so expensive! Most of my business wear comes from Eloquii, but the postage is $40! They provide trending colours and styles that go right up to a size 30. I love all the stuff I have from there. 

Lacey-Jade in Eloquii. Image: Instagram @laceyjadechristie. 


Brenda Keane (Bekeane Activewear). 

Bekeane Activewear was born out of a need for quality leggings and tops. I discovered there were no well-known activewear brands going above a 16. In fact, I was turned away from one shop as they had "nothing of my size". I didn't want anyone else to ever feel humiliated or be disheartened because there was nothing for them. I also hated the size label and knew many others did too, so we actually use names for sizes. We range from Primrose (6) to Voluptuous (38). 

Brenda Keane in Bekeane Activewear. Image: Bekeane. 


I myself am curvy and have ridden the diet hamster wheel and so have an inside understanding of what is required to fit women and girls with curves properly... no sacks here. The prints are fun and funky, but we also have some 'serious' options. 

We are very proud of our quality and have yet to have any leggings returned. They are squat proof and they don't fall down or ride up! 

The Bekeane woman is EVERY woman of all shapes and sizes.

Brenda Keane in Bekeane Activewear. Image: Bekeane. 


Katie Parrott (katie_parrott).

Made590 is a favourite of mine. They go up to 5X and make their clothes locally in Sydney. They also have a store in Sydney where you can try things on in person!

Katie Parrott in Made590 skirt and top. Image: Instagram @katie_parott.  


Vagary The Label specialises in boho prints and styles that go up to a size 28. These collections sell out fast but are a community favourite!

Katie Parrott in Vagary The Label. Image: Instagram @katie_parrott.  


Loud Bodies is also a great one. They're ethically made and they go up to a size 10X. They have such unique styles and prints.  

Katie Parrott in Loud Bodies. Image: Instagram @katie_parrott. 

Golden The Label has easy breezy Byron bay linen vibes and goes up to a size 28.


Katie Parrott in Golden The Label. Image: Instagram @katie_parrott. 

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Sam (curvysam).

I have recently discovered USA Brand Hanifa who feature bold colours and textures in their designs. As a plus size person who loves to wear colour, I have quite a few items on my wish list. I'm hoping they extend the sizing past a 20 so I can order more!


There is also Auliedue, which is a Melbourne-based sustainable, vegan and plastic free brand that makes beautiful garments up to a size 22. What I love about this Marianne Emerald Dress is that it's reversible, so it can be worn or tied a number of ways. 

Image: Instagram @curvysam.  My absolute favorite size inclusive (up to a size 32) brand to order from is Eloquii. I know anytime I need an outfit within a week I can order it online and it always fits me perfectly. Every style is effortlessly chic. I'm obsessed with everything I have ever ordered from them, especially my blue three-piece suit set which I wore to Sydney Fashion Week in May. 


Sam in Eloquii. Image: Instagram @curvysam. 


Chantelle Ellem (fatmumslim).

Chantelle Ellem in Ada & Lou. Image: Instagram @fatmumslim. 


I've always seen shopping as a fun thing to do with friends. In movies, it’s what cool teens did; head to the mall to shop it up. But as a plus size woman, it has never had that joy attached to it. It’s only now that we’re starting to see a change, and a move towards inclusivity, and I’m here for it! 

My wardrobe reflects this inclusivity, so much so that it actually collapsed in most recent weeks, and part of me was almost joyful at that. Bring on the plus size clothes! When it comes to brands who are getting it right, these are my faves:

Mahli The Label: This small, sustainable label caters from size 8 to size 30. They’re so inclusive and create the most stunning designs with pretty prints. It begs to ask, if this small label can cater to so many, why can’t the bigger brands?

Ada & Lou: Okay, so this might be cheeky because this is my own label. Years ago I was so fed up with not having any options that I decided to be the change myself. Along with my bestie, we create pieces that make us feel as gorgeous as we deserve to feel, and we want our customers to feel just as beautiful, too.


Chantelle Ellem in Ada & Lou. Image: Instagram @fatmumslim. 

Bohemian Traders: With sizes up to 22 and 24, this label has paved the way for curvy women in Australia. Best of all, they don’t just show their pieces on straight sizes; they make sure that they show their clothing on curvy models as well.


Active Truth: When it comes to active wear, this label celebrates all sizes and wants everyone to feel good as they move their bodies. Catering to a size 26, they consistently celebrate every one, showing how they believe all bodies are beautiful, because they are!

Elana Pa'apa'a (elanapaapaa

We're a Melbourne-based size inclusive Lady Startup run by a mother/daughter duo. We focus on comfortable, wearable, feminine styles in sizes 6 to 24. 

Image: Blush Clothing Playhouse. 


We're mostly bold and colourful, yet in a subtle, versatile way, and as a brand we have a strong focus on body positivity, empowerment and just all round good vibes. 

Our OG label Blush Clothing Playhouse has been going for more than six years, but we've also recently launched a sister label named Every Day by Blush which addresses the many requests by customers for a size inclusive label that is more affordable and offers the more basic, everyday type styles. 

Image: Everyday By Blush. You can find us at @everydaybyblush and @blushclothingplayhouse.


Rose Kerr (rose.zkerr).

I have a few go to plus size brands that I love. I generally sit anywhere between a size 18 to 22 so I've tried a LOT.

One that I can't get enough of is Lucy & Yak – their dungarees are perfect for "dopamine dressing". They always feel good. I love seeing the diverse models and artists they feature. The brand is based in the UK but luckily delivery to Australia is really fast.

Closer to home, I love Jericho Road Clothing. I find their dresses are the perfect cut for my body. They're a great option if you like fun patterns and fabrics.

I'm also a big fan of Made590 which has the cutest shop front I've ever seen. The staff make you feel so welcome and I love the experience of actually shopping in person and not feeling restricted by the size availability. Everything has lovely tailoring and feels really nice to wear. They're also online if you don't live in Sydney!

Rose Kerr in Made590. Image: Instagram @rose.zkerr. 


For a cheaper option or for staples, I like to check out Little Party Dress, including some of my favourite summer dresses have come from there, as well as really comfy loose trousers.

For loungewear, I love wearing Buon Clothing. I have one of their jumpers and it's so cute and cosy. They have a great brand ethos around being for everyone, not an exclusive club.

Lucy Ryan (@thatgirl_lucyryan).

My go to for literally everything is ASOS. They have such a huge range with such inclusive sizes that I know I will always find something that works. It’s the only place to shop that I can always rely on. They’ve never let me down!

Lucy Ryan in ASOS. Image: Instagram @thatgirl_lucyryan.  


For so long plus sized women were left out of the conversation when it came to active wear, so I can’t forget about Stax and what a huge impact they’ve made with their inclusive sizing. 

Wearing their activewear makes me feel truly confident when I’m working out – which is something I hadn’t felt in years.

Lucy Ryan in Stax. Image: Instagram @thatgirl_lucyryan. 


Aulieude is also really great for their stunning size inclusive pieces. I wasn’t sure about mentioning them because I only have one of their dresses, but I feel so strongly about this one dress that I had to share. When I wear it, I feel like a princess.

Lucy Ryan in Aulieude. Image: Instagram @thatgirl_lucyryan. 


City Chic is the only plus size store to release some on trend, fashionable pieces. Although not every single piece hits the mark for me, I’m able to find some good staple pieces from them I’m able to mix and match with other brands in my wardrobe.

Lucy Ryan in City Chic. Image: Instagram @thatgirl_lucyryan. 


Shannen Findlay. 

Shopping is hard. As a size 26-28, I know the difficulties all too well in finding a brand that is able to juggle style, aesthetic and inclusive sizing. 

In saying that, I have found a few brands that I can rely on – whether I have time to shop ahead or if I am in a sticky situation and need something quick! Basically, these are tried and tested brands I trust with my WHOLE heart.

'My top is from ASOS, and my skirt is from Pretty Little Thing.' Image: Supplied. 


I love Big W and Best & Less for quick essentials like singlets and pyjama wear. I've also found really cute dresses that go up to a size 28. 

ASOS is great as they have typically have reviews of the clothing you want to buy and they stock up to a size 32. I've purchased my staple coats, blazers and dresses from ASOS. 

For 'clubbing' clothes AKA something 'sexy' (I cringe saying that), I go to Pretty Little Thing. Easy, affordable and very stylish. They're pretty good at accounting for the curves of a woman as well. For example, more room around the hip area of jeans, or extra space at the bust. 


In all honesty, I am trying to move into more sustainable and conscious clothing wear, so I haven't actually purchased any clothing (from fast fashion, slow fashion or sustainable brands) in over seven months! It's a slow process, but I am focussing on wearing what I already have and I am beginning to exclusively support brands that have the planet in mind, or are a smaller business.

'The dress I'm wearing is from ASOS.' Image: Supplied. 


However, it is difficult to find clothing when you are already on the larger end of plus-size clothing, so I do understand the necessity in using fast fashion brands as a means to an end. 

Listen to The Quicky, where they explore why it is so hard to give up fast fashion. Post continues after audio. 

Kate Jan Maree (itskatejanmaree).

I’ve got a few brands who I know their heart and soul goes into trying to make their labels inclusive that I’d absolutely love to share.

Firstly, Zarc Clothing is a Brisbane-based brand and caters to sizes 8-28 in different styles. 

Kate in Zarc Clothing. Image: Instagram @katejanmaree.  


Vagary The Label just featured in the Curve Edit runway during fashion week and are a plus-size specific brand. 

Kate in Vagary. Image: Instagram @katejanmaree. 


Novella The Label includes sizes from 6 to 22. Although there is room for size expansion, but I think they’re filling a huge gap in that luxe sort of evening/event wear. 

Kate wearing Novella. Image: Instagram @katejanmaree. 

Jessie (passionpopmamii).

To be honest, I just love shopping on ASOS. There is such a variety of brands and options available for plus-size people! It’s also nice to be able to shop on a platform that is up to date with fashion and trends!


Jessie in ASOS. Image: Instagram @passionpopmamii. 

Nadine Aiken and Mel Watts (olathelabel).

Ola The Label was created for women, by women. Beginning with a promise for every person to fall back in love with themselves, we have mindfully designed each piece to complement every journey; from being a friend, sister, mother, or lover. 


Image: Ola The Label. 

Known for our second skin intimates and elevated basics, we proudly celebrate the freedom of being your authentic self – at any size. 

We currently offer sizes 6-24 and as the demand grows, we are open to expanding our sizing. We use women within our friendship circle and locally for our photoshoots, believing that every woman deserves to shine!


Image: Ola The Label. 

Melissa Doughty (melissajadestyle).

I have two go to brands as a plus size woman and they would have to be Love Your Wardrobe and Peach the Label. They are both Australian owned and are run by amazing women! 

They never let me down, and I know I can always find a killer outfit from both. Love Your Wardrobe is my go-to for comfortable yet professional workwear, jeans that fit a curvy body like a glove, and beautiful everyday pieces that are versatile and a vital part of my daily wardrobe.


My current favourite item from Love Your Wardrobe would have to be the Darby Pintuck Pants and the Frankie Stretch Denim Jacket.

Melissa in Love Your Wardrobe. Image: Instagram @melissajadestyle. 

Peach The Label, as the name suggests, considers all curves, including bottoms and boobs. I adore how the pieces can all be transeasonal, are made from soft jersey fabrics and flatter the bodies of so many different shapes and sizes. 


My favourite Peach The Label piece would have to be the Mia Dress

Melissa in Peach The Label. Image: Instagram @melissajadestyle. 

Jo (icurvy).

Here are just a few brands that never let me down; Love Your Wardrobe, Harlow, Golden the Label, Forever New Curve, Vagary, Estelle, Bohemian Traders, Ada and Lou, Hone the Label, Embody Woman, Chasing Springtime, Dani Marie the Label, We are Golden Hour, Verbose the Label


Moira Muse is a new fashion label from powerhouse Jules Robinson – every piece is in the full size range, 6-24, and is so luxe to touch. The fabrics and the finishes are so beautiful.

There are also some great extended size ranges up to size 22 including Novella, Adrift, Commonry, Little Party Dress and Monica the Label.


And there are some exceptional customer focussed marketplaces – like LeukBook where you can shop multiple size inclusive Australian designers in one online space. There is also the Fat Section with is a dedicated plus size pre-loved online store. Can't forget about physical plus size markets either, like the A+ Markets in Melbourne. 

I also have a Plus Size Directory for those looking for more plus-size fashion brands!


April Hélène-Horton (thebodzilla). 

I love Styling You The Label (SYTL). Nikki is a leader in fashion for more bodies and has been a friend for years. Her robust commitment to always listening to feedback about sizing and fit means that this 6-20 range of non-boring basics will continue to thrive and grow. 

April Hélène-Horton in Styling You The Label. Image: Instagram @thebodzilla. 


I'm also a fan of Harlow. Kerry is a very special person, and I’m lucky to know her. Bella Management’s Curve Edit show included her label, and it’s clear to me owning a brand that makes stylish clothes for 12-26 bodies makes her a key player in plus-size fashion. 

April Hélène-Horton in Harlow. Image: Instagram @thebodzilla. 

Golden The Label is also a good choice. Bec never misses with the styles she’s created for bodies 6-28. The oversized knits, luxe linen and mix of colour and neutrals bring me back to the website every single drop. 


April Hélène-Horton in Golden The Label. Image: Instagram @thebodzilla. 

Made590 is one of my favourites. With both a physical and online store that caters XS-4X (4X being a 24ish), this Sydney biz is owned and operated by Chris with the help of some of the best humans as the store 'family'. I never miss the opportunity to visit them when I’m in Marrickville.  


April Hélène-Horton in Made590. Image: Instagram @thebodzilla. 

Tys (tysmclean).

Tys in Embody Women Jeans. Image: Supplied. 


I tried out a pair of Embody Women denim jeans for a recent road test and quite liked the fit and style of them! I really recommend them to plus-size women with curvier hips as they are quite snug and well-fitting. The style I own is the Tempt Indigo Narrow Jeans.

What are the plus-size brands that don't let you down? Let us know in the comments below!

Feature Image: Mamamia / Instagram @laceyjadechristie, @itskatejanmaree and @passionpopmamii. 

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