"We've grown up together." Sarah Hyland and Adam Devine on working together again in Stan's Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin.

There's a lot to enjoy in Stan's new Pitch Perfect spin-off series Bumper in Berlin, but along with the hilarious riff-offs and Jameela Jamil as a truly ridiculous German popstar, the highlight is the easy chemistry between Adam Devine and Sarah Hyland.

This will be no surprise to Modern Family fans (team Andy and Haley forever). Even if their characters didn't end up together in that beloved sitcom, in Bumper in Berlin the pair reunite as love interests once again. 

Bumper in Berlin is a six-part revival of the Pitch Perfect universe, focusing on Devine's character Bumper years after the events of the movies. 

When one of his songs goes viral in Germany, Bumper moves to Berlin. There, he works with Flula Borg's Pieter and Hyland's Heidi to make his dreams of becoming a famous musician come true.

For Devine, the decision to return to playing Bumper was an easy one.

"I always love playing that character. And it was like my first big break into movies and stuff, so I always had a soft spot for Bumper and I felt like he never got a full redemption story," he told Mamamia.

"So when [Pitch Perfect writer and executive producer] Elizabeth Banks pitched me the idea - she essentially got the idea from watching Loki, the Marvel TV spin-off show, where the villain got the spin-off TV show and she's like, 'You are the villain of the Pitch Perfect franchise'. 

"So she's like, it would make a lot of sense that we show that you're maybe not the maniac that everyone kind of thought you were the first time. 

"So I'm like, 'Yeah, I kind of am like Loki aren't I?' So it was a pretty easy decision to me. I was excited to do it."

Image: Stan.


Hyland said working with Devine again was a highlight of her experience with the series.

"It's been pitch... perfect," she joked.

"I love working with Adam. He's just so fun and funny... We have a lot of fun on set. And we have such great chemistry and I'm such a fan of his not only as a human being, but obviously as such a powerhouse comedian. 

"So it's just been so much fun. And we've really grown up together in this industry since we moved here to LA, and it's just really fun to see us evolve. I love it."

Devine returned the love.

"I think she's gonna have one of those careers that is like 80 years long, and I'm just happy to be a small part of it," he said of Hyland.


"She is so talented, and I keep finding out more things - like, she's a great dancer, which I didn't know. She's also a great singer, which I didn't know. Also, an amazing ventriloquist."

(At this point, he prompted Hyland to do some ventriloquism. She obliged, with an invisible hand puppet.)

"Okay, many not," Devine continued, laughing. "But she's wildly talented and I'm just happy to be a blip on her radar."

Speaking of singing and dancing (and not ventriloquism), Bumper in Berlin is packed full of fun - and funny - musical numbers, including a Taylor Swift banger and a hilarious mash-up of German and American songs.

Hyland said one of her favourite performances was one she and Devine did of 'Wasn't Me', which also involved choreography and was a fun return to her musical theatre roots.

The other standout was a performance of 'Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer', at a piano in a Berlin park.

"It's so grounded yet so ridiculous that there's just a grand piano in a park," Hyland said.

"Yeah, in this show there are a lot of grand pianos just strewn across the city," Devine replied.

"Berlin - known for grand pianos!" Hyland joked.

The brand new series Pitch Perfect: Bumper In Berlin is streaming now, only on Stan.

Feature image: Stan.

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