Are you feeling overly emotional right now? There's an astrological reason for it...


It’s 3pm and a friend has sent you a video of Bobby the three-legged Bull Terrier learning to walk after a traumatic incident involving a lawnmower. You’re 1 minute and 49 seconds in when your cheeks begin to flush and the tears spill over.

You’re overly emotional, a little weepy, and you think you’re about to lose the proverbial plot. But no. It’s not you, it’s the universe. In particular, this little astrological event called ‘Pisces Season’.

This period is marked by the dates from February 18 to March 20 and you can expect to feel all the feels.

People born under the Pisces sign are all about feeling their emotions to their full extent. Positively speaking they’re intuitive and compassionate souls, but also prone to sadness, being overly sensitive and harbouring escapist tendencies.

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Pisces season is all about getting in touch and reflecting on your emotions. You want to take stock of your triggers and sore spots, so you progress and move on.

Instagram-based astrologist, Jake Register of @jakesastrology, told Cosmopolitan it’s a ‘season of meditation’.

“This time of year is best for retreating, relaxing, and daydreaming,” he explains.

“For better or worse, you’re now way more tuned into your feelings and the moods of others, not to mention your own needs. Be sure to stay grounded when it’s important.


“Go ahead and cancel another happy-hour plan to stay in and binge-watch Friends.”

Don’t mind if we do.


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As Pisces season progresses, be wary when Mercury goes into retrograde on March 5 to March 28. Mercury Retrograde marks a time when things get real tricky. Communication stalls, technology messes up and even the best laid plans just seem to go… wrong.

This means emotions will continue to run high, making you prone to snap judgements and hot-blooded outbursts. But while logical, calm and measured thinking might be difficult at the moment (ugh, Mercury), remember to give yourself time to cool off before you act on your emotions – it might just save you an apology, or 17, once the Mercury-Retrograde-tinted fog lifts.


So stock up on the tissues, buy a tub of ice cream (because why not?) and line up that Netflix queue because it’s going to be a bumpy and emotional time for the next four and a half weeks.

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