The internet has deemed this proposal "perfect". Only it's an introvert's worst nightmare.

A fitness mogul has proposed to his girlfriend in one of the most elaborate proposals that seemed to unfold as much for Instagram as it did for his new fiancé.

On Sunday, fitness entrepreneur Josef Rakich – who has more than 740,000 Instagram followers on Instagram – landed in the middle of Eden Park, New Zealand’s largest sports stadium, by helicopter with girlfriend Maryam Matti.

When the couple landed on the field, a blindfolded Matti was lead towards a giant pink box which, when the walls of the box fell, unveiled a custom pink Range Rover inside.

A post shared by @maryammattii on

A post shared by @maryammattii on


The entire exchange was both captured by a film crew and live-streamed on Snapchat and showed the words ‘Will you marry me?’ brandished across the front of the car.

Posting on Instagram, Matti seemed relatively stoked with the entire event, which seems reasonable since she was given a free car and ring on the same day.

Oh, and the eternal love etc etc.

“I said YES to the man of my dreams. I love you so much Josef,” she wrote. “An unforgettable proposal of all time. Landed in Eden Park blind folded in a Helicopter and then walked over to a huge pink box. Thank you for everything you do for me. You are my King. Here’s to the future!

“Thank you to everyone who got involved and kept the secret for so long! I had absolutely no idea. Thank you to the camera crew, Woman’s Day and The Project NZ for being a part of our special day.”

A special day for an extrovert, indeed. But an introvert’s goddamn worst nightmare.