We've seen a lot of proposals before. We've never seen one as risky as this.

Erm, we’re not quite sure how we feel about this very risky unique proposal.

Vinny Capaldo-Smith, an American tattoo artist, has proposed to his girlfriend through a cleverly crafted tattoo.

Yep, Vinny permanently inked his skin with a question which has a 50 percent chance of a happy ending. We’ve got the nervous sweats just thinking about this.

Luckily for Vinny, his girlfriend, Brooke Wodark, did say yes and she shared their very permanent proposal story on her Facebook page.

“Vinny had always said he wanted me to tattoo him,” Wodark explains in one of her posts. “Today he sprung it on me and told me it was the day.”

“I drew out a simple heart on his ankle only to be surprised with a beautiful ring and my future husband! I’m so happy!”

In the video Wodark inks a tiny heart on Vinny’s ankle, before he rolls up his shorts to reveal a tattoo of a guy and girl holding up a balloon that says ‘love’.

Underneath the couple is the question “Will you marry me?” and two check boxes – a yes and a no.

Much to Vinny’s relief (and ours), Brooke takes a red tattoo pen and marks a big X in the yes box.

Capaldo-Smith told ABC News that Wodark had actually drawn the image on a restaurant paper tablecloth a few months ago – and he thought it was cute.

“It was an idea from elementary school from when you pass somebody a note to check off the boxes,” he explained. “She drew it one night at dinner on a paper tablecloth, and I took a picture of it that night.”

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Wodark said the proposal was “everything [she] ever wanted and more”.

“I really didn’t see this coming at all which, looking back, I should have maybe expected a tattoo of some sort,” she told ABC News. “I had no idea it was going to happen that day. I was just over-the-top ecstatic.”

Phew. Well, that’s a huge relief for ALL of us.