Pia Miller's bikini photo was viciously trolled by followers. Her response was flawless.

Aussie actress Pia Miller is on holiday and not only does she look to be having the most wonderful time, but she objectively and indisputable looks amazing.

Tell us we’re wrong. We dare you.

escaped that winter gloom ☀️ @tyson_mullane ☀️#justanotherchickinthewall

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Cheers to you! ????

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Unfortunately some people trolls on Instagram didn’t see eye-to-eye on this, with her photos somehow drawing nasty body-shaming comments.

But the 34-year-old former Home and Away actress is pushing back and we utterly respect her for it.

Responding to a user who asked her “Why is your stomach looking weird?” she responded with “Two kids, mate!”

Simple and effective.

Some social media users also took offence because Pia posted a photo of herself wearing a cross while in a bikini, but she was well-equipped with a response.


“My grandmother left it for me and it never comes off,” she said.

Pia also addressed the ridiculous comments on her Instagram story… just for the people still unaware of her stance.

Pia Miller instagram
So much yes. Image: Instagram.

"Two kids, a couple of emmergency ops and a necklace in memory of my abuela [grandma in spanish]," she wrote in her photo.

"Grateful. for. it. all."

Since then, several fans have shared words of solidarity and are also calling out the cruel behaviour the photo has attracted.

"If I look half as good after two kids I will be stoked," said one commenter.

"Why does everyone feel the need to pick on people over everything?! I'd kill to look as beautiful you @piamiller !! And also yes a cross has meaning in a religious sense but maybe it has a much deeper meaning to the person wearing it... Why should it be explained, live your lives happy and without judgement," wrote someone else.

"Everyones got something too say behind a screen. @piamiller you look stunning," wrote another, among many, many more," added another.

And we agree whole-heartedly.