From period pain to PCOS cramps: 12 women on all the ways they deal with it.

Sometimes our bodies just suck at having ovaries, don't they? While 'normal' period pain is bad enough, the poor dames who suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or the joys of endometriosis have it even worse. 


There's no denying that the stabby spasms, cramping and bloating that comes with "that time of the month" is the absolute pits. For many women, what seems like half of their life is spent trying different things to alleviate inflammation and pain.

Whether it's using heat packs or trying nifty little pain devices, we're on the search of what *actually* works when it comes to managing it.

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That's why we asked a bunch of women how they deal with their period pain, PCOS pain and endometriosis pain. Here's what they had to say.


"I go to the chiropractor one to three days before I start my period to align my hips and relieve tension from the muscles in my back, pelvis and hip area. I find it really helps to minimise my pain. I also take powdered magnesium before bed as a muscle relaxant."


"I usually use anti-inflammatory medication and heat packs, but I've started using this bad boy - The Ovira - as well, and it's honestly a lifesaver."


"I suffer from endometriosis and it's usually an 'all of the above' type of pain management. I use a heat wheat pack, anti-inflammatory medication, paracetamol, a hot shower, then crawl into bed in the foetal position. I have just got the Mirena inserted and the doctors tell me that this will significantly reduce the pain. Fingers crossed!"



"I use prescription medication, a heat pack and take hot baths."


"I find yoga helps relieve my PMS pain/stabby cramps."


"I don't get pain since my Mirena, but I used to just have to just do everything doubled over. I worked in retail and would steam clothes crouched down with a heat pack."


"I have fibroids (I had surgery in November, but they are back and still causing some troubles even though I am pregnant). Before my surgery, I would contort into some really weird positions to reduce the pain, often scrunching up into a ball with a hot pack, which helped a little bit. 

"Pain-relief medication tablets helped, and I would often sit in the shower with hot water running on my back. The surgery was the main thing that helped to be honest."


"I get horrible period and pelvic pain due to a grapefruit-sized fibroid I have nestled down there and as such, I am a huge advocate for prescription pain-relief medicine. 

"I also love a hot shower and a hot herbal tea, they just comfort me a bit. Lying on my side, curled up on the lounge or in bed helps a bunch. As does crying, taking it out on my hubby and watching a funny movie."


"Anti-inflammatory medication, a hot shower and a hot water bottle or heat pack on my tummy."


"As well as the usual heat pack/anti-inflammatory pain medication situation, I like to exercise or move my body in some way because it always makes me feel less crampy and bloated. I usually go for a walk or do some pilates - nothing too crazy."



"Peppermint tea, liquorice and a heat pack. If it gets bad, I'll use some over-the-counter pain medication."


"Anti-inflammatory medication and warm baths are my go-to. At 39, I find the older I get the more painful my periods are."

What do you do to help relieve everything from period pain to PCOS cramps? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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