A very honest recap of riding a Peloton in the middle of the Mamamia office.

You know those people who talk about the 'high' they get from exercising? The ones that look all glowy and happy after walking out of an intense fitness class? Well, I'm the total opposite of that. I'm what you'd call an occasional exerciser.

Reformer pilates? Too complicated.

Running? Absolutely not.

HIIT? Hahahahaha. 

I even refused to join the office netball team and blamed a meeting clash. But really, the main reason in my core is that I know I'll go such an offensive shade of red that'll last for hours after any physical exercise has ceased.

So, for reasons I'll never understand, when a Peloton Bike showed up in the middle of the Mamamia office, I volunteered to give it a go. 

Yes, the girl who goes red from a brisk walk agreed to work out in the middle of a busy office. 

Picking a day I hoped would be quiet (it wasn't), I gingerly changed into my activewear, which I usually wear to do groceries so this was a fun change of pace! Then I hoicked myself up on the bike.

The horoscopes working out. Post continues below. 

Video via Mamamia. 

In case you're not familiar, Peloton Bikes are a combination of fitness and technology – because there are literally thousands of on-demand and live workouts you can choose from on the touch-screen lead by instructors to suit different skill levels. Fancy, right!? 

After scrolling through, I selected a 30-minute guided workout to "2000s jams". I figured if my fitness capabilities wouldn't power me through, at least some boy-band bangers would! 

I like to think I looked like a total professional as I clipped my cleats into the bike pedals. Okay, I probably didn't, but the setup was surprisingly easy and there are online support videos on exactly how to customise the bike for your height and comfort.

After five minutes of pedalling, I was already sweating and very much aware that I was in the middle of a bloody office. But after the initial giggles and videos being taken (all in the name of content!) I zoned in on the instructor and started getting into it.

Ten minutes in and sweating up a storm. Image: Supplied. 


After 10 minutes my thighs were on fire, but I let the beats of Ed Sheeran's 'Shape Of You' and Pharrell's 'Get Lucky' guide me along and it actually felt… fun.

I loved how low-impact cycling was for a beginner, and there are different options to build intensity and increase the resistance as your strength and stamina improves. 

One of my colleagues told me I looked as graceful as a gazelle (something I'm sure she just said to be kind, but I'll take it) and I have to admit I was absolutely loving the challenge. 


Plus, the instructor was staring right into my soul and even though I had chosen a pre-recorded workout class and he most definitely couldn't see me, I felt like he might be disappointed if I stopped.

Were my legs jelly when I got off the bike? Yes. But would I do it again? Abso-bloody-lutely.

So, is a Peloton Bike actually worth it?

I often feel incredibly intimidated by all the glowing front-row fitness fanatics, so I think this is a perfect option for people wanting to work out in the comfort of their own space (or in the middle of their office) but still feel motivated by the guided workout element.

Yes, the cost is obviously a factor that needs to be considered. Purchasing a Peloton Bike and a monthly subscription to access the classes is definitely an investment, but if you want to find something you can stick with long-term, this is a great option and means you can jump on and take part in a class at literally any time you like.

I found it addictive and wanted to jump on again the next day – even if I was still feeling the burn.

The Peloton Bike was provided for this writer to trial, but has been reviewed independently.

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