'I'm a personal trainer. These 3 huge fitness trends are about to blow up.'

While we were all hibernating the chillier months away, there has been a handful of fitness trends that've been quietly making some waves — and they're set to become the next big thing, as many of us creep our way back into regular exercise.

With spring now just around the corner (yay for brighter mornings!), these workouts are guaranteed to bring us into the land of the living and back to feeling fabulous, as we shake off the Oodies and Uggs.  

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Below, I'm going to take you through three of the biggest fitness trends you can expect to see for the rest of 2023.

Ready? Let's go.

1. Boxing.

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To clarify: We're talking about boxing and NOT getting punched in the face. Because there aren’t too many things more satisfying than delivering a one-two knockout punch... minus the retaliation. 

The fitness benefits of boxing are outstanding. Done correctly, boxing is a top-to-toe workout that specifically strengthens and tones arms, shoulders, back and core and has brilliant cardio benefits. 

What's more, it offers numerous mental health benefits of stress relief and the brain-training aspect of remembering boxing combinations.

For a very long time now, those of us seeking boxing workouts were either relegated to inconsistent box-fit classes here-and-there with the quality of the session determined by the instructor and/or your partner. Or, you were forced into a boxing gym with a focus on technique and fighting, which didn't necessarily focus on the fitness side. 

Of course, neither of these options quite fulfill the criteria of what we want in a workout.

Cue the first spring 2023 trend: Boxing studios. 

Yep, boxing is back baby!


We're talking about classes that focus on boxing for fitness plus a functional training aspect, so you get a well-rounded workout. 

These beautifully presented spaces are popping up more and more, and for good reason. I guarantee you'll do one and say to yourself, "I want to do that again!".

TRY: UBX Boxing + Strength, Rumble Boxing.

2. Reformer pilates.

Now, in most metro areas there seems to be a reformer Pilates studio on every corner. Am I right? They're literally *everywhere*.

For this reason, even if the thought of trying reformer Pilates never entered your head, you are almost compelled to try it to see what all the fuss is about. 

If you're not too familiar with reformer, it's basically is a form of Pilates executed on a piece of equipment called a reformer bed. 

And, honestly — you had me at bed.  

The reformer assists and resists movement via a system of springs and pulleys, with movements numbering in the hundreds, targeting every-single-muscle (including every-single-muscle you didn’t even know you had!). The burn is real!

Cue the second spring 2023 trend: Reformer Pilates. 

Rewind a couple of years back and you'll find that Pilates studios were typically out of reach to the average punter, and usually nestled in exclusive locations at a boutique price. 

Now, with the explosion of locations…everywhere... reformer Pilates is a legitimate option for more and more of us, and a good excuse to try something new if you're feeling a little 'stuck' with your fitness goals.


TRY: KX Pilates, Strong Pilates.

3. Weight training.

Well, well, well. If the basics aren’t back with a vengeance. It seems we have come a full-circle, friends.

In my 18 plus years in the fitness industry I’ve seen a lot of different fads, concepts and trends come and go, but what never went away was old faithful weight training. 

In fact, it never really went anywhere — the demographics and attitudes toward the gym floor have just shifted in recent years. And this is a very good thing.

No longer the exclusive domain of ‘gym bros’, what we are seeing on the gym floor is a representation of… everyone! 

As a collective, we are better understanding the benefits of weight training and more and more of us want in. Not only for a slice of the obvious physical aesthetic and health benefits, but for the mental health and social benefits, too.

Cue the third spring 2023 trend: Weight training. 

What does seem to change over time is our penchant for “shiny new things” — however, weight training is one of the solid workouts that waits patiently for us all to come crawling back. 

The simplicity of movement and availability of locations means that this is a form of exercise that will never go anywhere or be discredited, ever.

TRY: Fitness First, Club Lime (or anywhere there is a barbell in sight!).

Have you tried any of the above fitness trends before? What are your thoughts? Share them with us in the comment section below. 

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