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Best one you got

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What was your ghosting experience

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Paul is making fixes in real time πŸ‘πŸ»

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Only books

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I deleted herp

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Nice emojis

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Sequins πŸ™ƒ πŸ™ƒ

Luca Lavigne November 9, 2017

Hi Guestington (great username),
We are a women's network and because women don't all think the same way, we have writers and contributors who express a range of opinions and a range of arguments. Some are extreme, others less so.
We welcome you to strongly disagree with some, and hope you can find solace and in others.
Luca (MM writer)

Luca Lavigne October 31, 2017

Thanks for picking this up David, great point.
Should be all fixed now.

Luca (MM writer)

Luca Lavigne October 30, 2017

The video should be at the top of the post, Herb.
Luca (Mamamia writer)

Luca Lavigne September 12, 2017

Hi Julie,

Kate will be coming back to write some more brilliant content soon.
Before she does, we're re-living some of the fantastic pieces she's written for us from Mamamia's early days.
- Luca (Mamamia writer)

Luca Lavigne August 22, 2017

I believe the term 'classic' here has been used in a colloquial way - to mean 'timeless' rather than 'produced before a certain year'.

While Jacqueline Lunn's novel Under the Influence was written in 2011, it's a timeless read about feminism and strength.

Further, while Jackie happens to be working at MM currently, she's had a career spanning 25 years in the media, and had no influence in her novel being included on this list.

If you have any suggestions as to more timeless classics, we'd love to hear.


Luca Lavigne August 22, 2017

Hi Guest,

Any content that is paid/sponsored is always disclosed to our community. We are 100% transparent and never commission articles purely for the benefit of figures in the public eye/because they tried to pay for them, unless it is one of our brand partners - in which case the sponsored nature of the post is clearly disclosed at the top.

We definitely hear what you're saying in terms of what makes a 'story' and what doesn't. Different editors have different opinions, as do different readers, as to what might be 'interesting'.

That being said, there are certainly times in the past during which we've been wrong about posting stories that never should have been posted; we've certainly written a few stories about, well... nothing.
We are by women (apart from me), for women, and want to uplift women. We want to highlight all the kickarse things they're doing and we want to make them think and feel. But sometimes we also want to give them some fluff. Because sometimes a celebrity sugar hit - even though it won't make any of us any smarter - can be nice little indulgence.


Luca Lavigne August 19, 2017

Hi, guest.

Struggling to understand what you mean here. Please clarify and we'll do our best to answer your question!

Luca (Mamamia writer)

Luca Lavigne August 17, 2017

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