'There are 4 golden outfit formulas you need when you've got no time to get ready in the morning.'

If you’ve ever underestimated how long it takes to get out of the house with kids… I’ve been there.

As someone who loves fashion and putting outfits together, there are those days when I’m just short on time but want to give a bit more than just doing "jeans and a top" or a plain dress

Don’t get me wrong, those are fail-safes for a reason, but there is such joy to be found in clothes; it makes you feel more polished and that you’re ready to take on the day. 

I love these combinations because while they’re low on time and effort; they give the impression that you put a bit more thought into what you wear. 

Flared crop jeans, belt and T-shirt. 

Image: & Other Stories, Crave Surf, COS, The Iconic.


I know, the term "flared crops" sounds scary, but stay with me. They’re a bit more interesting than the straight-leg pants everyone is wearing at the moment and have a bit more polish but still plenty of comfort; think Kate Moss on the weekend here. 

These & Other Stories jeans will be a dark horse wardrobe staple. There’s a slight Western-esque trend happening in fashion, so play into it with this belt

For T-shirts, I still can’t go past COS because I love the weight and thickness, but your favourite one will do, and throw a jumper over your shoulders. 

The benefit of this pant cut is that they go with so many shoe styles: ballerinas, point-toe flats, kitten heels, loafers or streamlined sneakers so you can wear whatever you like.

Sweatshirt, T-shirt, necklace and capris.

Image: Cotton On, UNIQLO, BLANCA.


Capris! They’re coming back! I’m a fan and I’m here to convince you why. Think of Princess Diana; feeling more into it? The slit at the hem of this Cotton On pair make them easier to move in and they're more flattering; they’re not gripping onto your leg. 

Wear them with an oversized sweatshirt to balance out the fitted bottom — it’s just cooler to not have your outfit tight all over. 

Subtle layering is important, so make sure you have a bit of the white collar of the T-shirt poking out, and dress it up. I like to wear a chunky necklace — this dual silver and gold one from Blanca will do double time.

Cardigan and pleat-front trousers.

Image: Seed Heritage, M&S.


The tip here is to wear a cardigan with the illusion of nothing underneath; I wear mine with a low-cut T-shirt if I’m cold, or a low-cut tank with support. 


I like the shape of this Seed one and how it’s worn with proper trousers. Try this M&S Collection pair and wear it with loafers for that effortless, cool and casual look.

Statement outerwear.

Image: H&M, Zara.

Coats that do the talking really need to be worn more. AND, when you throw it on, it really doesn’t matter what else you’re wearing (I mean, within reason!). 


If you’re still not sure, start off with easy black like this H&M teddy jacket

I love the drama of a cape so can’t go past this Zara one. It would be so chic with a skivvy, ankle-length leggings and black flats.

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Feature Image: Instagram @zara_wong.

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