Oscars hot list - 9 celebs who nailed the red carpet.


It’s the morning after the biggest award ceremony in Hollywood, so naturally we want to dissect the biggest fashion and beauty trends from the night. Deciding who nailed (and who failed) the red carpet must clearly be one of today’s priorities.

But don’t let my opinions sway you, I want to know who gets your vote for best dressed. And if you’re wrestling with your conscience about whether or not it’s possible to discuss celebrity fashion without being ‘anti-women’, do not fear – click here to read Mia’s awesome column about it today.

It could be that everyone is so terrified of ending up on worst dressed lists at the actual awards night that they play it safe or more specifically play it strapless. Consequently, those of us at the Mamamia office were completely underwhelmed by the Oscars red carpet fashion and I was forced (forced, who am I kidding? It was great fun) to delve into the Oscars after parties to find my hot list.

Thankfully the fashion got more exciting at the after parties, as most celebs changed into party frocks and it seemed the pressure was off the other A-Listers to get it right: Heidi Klum I’m looking at you.

Right, lets get straight to it (and scroll down for a breakdown of the trends):




The dress style that only suits a narrow percentage of the population was worn by well, nearly everyone: Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston, Amy Adams,  Charlize Theron, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Kerry Washington… we could go on and on. Actually, there were so many sleeveless frocks on the red carpet we started to wonder if there was a fabric shortage in Hollywood.

Plus an honorable mention goes to Helen Hunt who wore a strapless navy dress from H&M (a cheap European chain store) and accesorised it with $700K worth diamonds – as you do. Although as one Mamamia commenter pointed out it could’ve done with a bit of an iron.


You could’ve easily mistaken the Oscars red carpet for a bridal convention last night. Celebs like Jennifer Lawrence, Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart ticked off two trends at once wearing white AND strapless. Expect to see these three looks on fashion forward brides in Spring.


I don’t know about this one. I mean, in theory it seems like a good idea; if you’ve got a good back, you should flaunt it – decorate it even. But I think Anne Hathaway’s dress had too much going on with the satin straps to showcase the incredible piece. And Jennifer Lawrence’s necklace – while stunning- seemed like it had accidentally slipped back and she hadn’t got around to readjusting it.



So what were you doing when you were 9-years-old? I’m guessing you weren’t attending the Oscars as a NOMINEE! Quvenzhane Wallis rocked the red carpet (and won us all over) with her cute puppy dog purse.

Anne Hathaway’s pointy-in-the-front Prada dress sparked a voracious ‘Nipples or Darts’ internet debate. The offical verdict: it was fabric darts not just really chilly. Not so well played.

So Kristen Stewart is probably the only celebrity in Oscars history to arrive on the red carpet with a pair of crutches, apparently injuring herself days earlier. She gets bonus points just for turning up and for later hobbling up the red carpet sans crutches.



It’s safe to say a memo went out to celebrity make up artists about pale pink lipstick last night. Everyone wore a pale pink or flesh coloured lipstick. The only exceptions to this were Olivia Munn and Jennifer Chastain who both opted for bright red lips (that matched perfectly with their baroque and pale metallic dresses respectively). Since lips were downplayed most celebs opted to play up their eye make up with smoky charcoal shadow with metallic highlights. Yes, the smoky eye is back.


Elvis was in the building last night. Amy Adams and Naomi Watts sported a Rockabilly updo made modern by pulling loose strands around the face.

I loved what Amy Adams did to transform her hair from the Oscars (soft, elegant) to the after party (sleek and slicked down).


Phwoar! Jessica Chastain Reese Witherspoon, Helen Hunt and Kerry Washington all brought an old-Hollywood glamour to the night with their cascading barrel-curled hair. And if Jessica Chastain had’ve donned a red glittery dress? Jessica Rabbit personified.


Topknot fans rejoice! Kelly Rowland, Kristin Chenoweth and Salma Hayek (whose topknot defied gravity) ensured the easiest hairstyle to copy will be around for a few more seasons.

And if you missed the main event, check out all the best frocks from the Academy Awards red carpet (and after parties) below.

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