Does your partner pass the viral ‘orange peel’ test?

Question for you: Would your partner hop out of bed to get you a glass of water? Or pick you up from work because you forgot your umbrella?

Because apparently, true love is actually just about a peeled orange. Well, according to a new theory at least. 

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, allow me to explain. While there appears to be a few different iterations of the viral TikTok trend, the 'orange peel theory' is the idea that your partner's ability to perform small acts of service suggests you're part of a healthy relationship.

These simple tasks — from charging your phone to making your breakfast — are supposedly like peeling an orange.

While you might be perfectly capable of doing these things yourself, these small acts of kindness apparently signal positive feelings of trust, security and comfort.

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The hashtag has racked up millions, upon millions of views, with people discussing if their significant other peels an orange for them without having to ask — or if they rarely perform these little gestures unless they've been asked.

Wanna dig a little deeper?


What is 'orange peel theory'?

As TikToker @neanotmia explains, the crux of the 'orange peel theory' is your partner's willingness to help —  no matter how small the task may be.

"If someone asks you to peel their orange you might think, 'They’re perfectly capable of doing that themselves, that's not a big deal'," she said.

"It might not literally be about peeling the orange. They’re asking you for a small favour to see your reaction, to see if later they can ask you for bigger favours. How are you going to make them feel when they ask you for that help?"

In another TikTok post, creator @annabhamm further explained that your partner's response reveals a lot more besides them just peeling an orange for you.

"Even a super tiny thing like that reveals so much about their attitude towards you and your relationship," she said. 

"[It’s about] wanting to do things for someone to see them happy even if it inconveniences you, or even if there’s nothing in it for you." 

Because, love.

"That, at the end of the day, is true, raw, unconditional love."

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Why is the 'orange peel theory' trending?

The trend supposedly originates from this text message exchange between two exes. 

Image: TikTok@things.i.cant.sen


The conversation ends with the message, "I peeled my orange today" - however the sender now appears to be blocked.

Image: TikTok/@things.i.cant.sen


We're not crying, you're crying!

The video exploded, and was viewed/shared/saved millions and millions of times. 

The post sparked some kind of domino effect trend, with people then deciding to share their own equivalents to the 'peeled orange' — the small but meaningful tasks their partner performs for them on the regular.

For example, one user writes, "The orange peel theory reminds me that I'm fully capable of tying my shoes, opening doors, putting on my seatbelt, opening packages etc, but my boyfriend does it because he loves taking care of me and I love being taken care of."


After staying with him for 3 weeks, im so sad to leave :( im on the plane right now and im starting to feel homesick - the orange peel theory is so RAHH

♬ interlinked - jacob¡

Honestly, there's a whole lot of cute in the trend.

But there's also tons of clips where people comment on the lack of orange peelers in their lives, with some even debating whether their relationship will last. 

One post reads: "I Am Thinking Of Breaking Up With My Boyfriend Over The Orange Peel Theory."

Which brings us to our final question: Does your partner pass the viral ‘orange peel’ test?

What's your experience? Share with us in the comment section below.

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