Jackets, jeans and chunky boots: What the Mamamia lifestyle team are buying for winter.

We don't know about you, but we're stupidly excited for winter.

After two years with limited opportunity to dress up during the cooler months, the Mamamia lifestyle team are itching to go all out this time around – we're talkin' coats, boots and so many knits. We want to wear it all. 

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So naturally, we've been busy online shopping and updating our wardrobes for the season ahead. From jackets to jeans, here are 14 pieces we're buying for winter.

Erin Docherty, Senior Health and Beauty Writer.

Dazie Centre Stage Shacket, $99.99.

"When the weather gets chillier, I have the tendency to slip into a boring uniform of darker colours. I've been eyeing off this lilac shacket from Dazie because I feel like it's an easy way to help brighten up my wardrobe this winter! So cute, and on sale at checkout!"

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


Cotton On Everyday Rib Boyfriend Cardi, $39.99.

"I love this green cardigan! It looks super comfy and and cute – plus, green is my colour!"

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

Charlie Begg, Lifestyle Writer.

Country Road Lounge Mule, $179.

"You know how comfort dressing (loungewear) took off in 2021? This year is all about comfort shoes. Fashionable on the outside and warm and cosy on the inside, I'm going to live in these slipper-mule hybrid, whatever I'm doing."

Image: Country Road/Mamamia.


Mossman The Steinway Pants, $199.95.

"Amongst your trusty jeans and tailored pants, everyone needs a pair of leather pants. They're a staple, and I don't own any! I'm eyeing off this straight leg faux pair, as they're cute, classic (they'll last multiple seasons) and no animals were harmed in the making." 

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

Sportscraft Robyn Varsity Bomber, $349.99.

"I'm desperate to splurge on this bomber jacket. I'm a sucker for anything olive and I just know how much I'll wear this. I've already tried it on and it feels like a giant doona, so I should probably just bite the bullet."

Image: Sportscraft/Mamamia.


Katie Stow, Sex Editor.

H&M Felted Shirt Jacket, $69.99.

"I was tossing up getting this jacket from H&M as an in between big-coat and light-shirt option as I am on a mission to wear light and bright colours this winter, and not get too bogged down in black."

Image: H&M/Mamamia.

Cotton On Stretch Mom Jeans, $49.99.

"I nabbed these cheapy jeans from Cotton On, as I needed some pairs for winter that didn't have massive holes in the knees. They are a great fit and sit somewhere between a cheugy skinny jean and a loose mom style."

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


Dazie Edith Ankle Boots, $79.99.

"So, despite my mum telling me my entire life that I was 'too clumsy' to wear white, I have a deep desire for all-white boots. Deeply impractical, but SO CUTE. I was tossing up between two different pairs, but after farshun advice from our Lifestyle Writer (Charlie) I'm leaning towards these Dazie ones as they're a sleeker vibe."

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

Jess Staveley, Managing Editor.

H&M Rib Knit Sweater, $27.99.

"I recently went on a big decluttering spree, so I currently have almost nothing in my wardrobe for winter. I've been stocking up on basics for the colder months and I grabbed this knit sweater from H&M in both cream and black. I love having basics like this for winter because they're so easy to layer."

Image: H&M/Mamamia.


Atmos&Here Taylor Wool Blend Coat, $159.99.

"After being in lockdown last winter, I haven't bought a coat for a few years! I currently have this coat from Atmos&Here in my cart on The Iconic. I wanted something neutral that would go with lots of different outfits, so I think this one is a winner!"

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

Isabella Ross, News Writer.

Kookai Quinn Long Sleeve Top, $70.

"I love this chocolate brown long sleeve from Kookai! It’s going to be great for the winter season, I was in love as soon as I saw it. The best thing is that it can go with a range of outfits and you can layer with it."

Image: Kookai/Mamamia.


Glassons Recycled Super High Rise Cropped Jean, $59.99.

"These jeans have been a lifesaver during autumn and will continue to be throughout winter too. They’re the perfect cut for me personally, super comfortable and wash well. Plus, they’ve lasted great considering I wear them all the time."

Image: Glassons/Mamamia.

Melody Teh, Editor.

Seed Heritage Paisley Ruffle Mini Dress, $149.95.

"I fell in love with the print of this dress! I think it's fun for winter, dressed with stockings and some long boots."

Image: Seed/Mamamia.


H&M Oversize Jacket, $49.99.

"I've been on the hunt for a check blazer/jacket this winter as I think it's an instant way to lift an outfit with a pattern! When I came across this inexpensive H&M option, I took the plunge and bought it. Looking forward to wearing it with jeans and a nice top!"

Image: H&M/Mamamia.

What are you buying for winter? Tell us in the comments below!

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Feature image: Instagram/@mossman @sportscraft

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