'I'm a lifestyle writer. Here are the 14 items I have in my shopping cart right now.'

ICYMI, it's getting cold outside, and wearing a jacket is no longer optional, but an essential.

While that'd usually annoy me (I'm more of a warmer weather gal), after two years with limited opportunity to dress up in winter, I'm stupidly excited to chuck on jumpers, coats and boots during these cooler months.

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This May, my online shopping cart reflects just that mood – featuring on-trend and investment clothes, shoes and accessories to wear out this winter, and new homewares for when I'm cosying up at home.

Here are a few of the items I'm just about ready to get the debit card out for.


Alice In The Eve Nadia Topstitch Pyjama Shirt, $69.95.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

Remember when wearing pyjamas out of the house was a thing? Well, it still is. And this pyjama shirt is at the top of my wish list.


The silky black material and white stitching makes it look less like pyjamas and more like a nice going out shirt, and I could either pair it with the matching pants or jeans. Love!

Uniqlo Premium Lambswool Crew Neck Sweater, $49.90.

Image: Uniqlo/Mamamia.

If anyone asks me where to find the best wool jumper (not that they have, but if they did), I would send them straight to Uniqlo to buy one of these.

They are 100 per cent wool, great quality, fairly affordable and come in eight colours. I already own it in black and cream, so this year, I'll be grabbing the grey.

M.N.G Catherin Jeans, $99.95.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.


Searching for the perfect pair of winter jeans? Same. While I've got some trusty straight leg pairs, I'm also after a wide-leg option.

These from M.N.G are nothing short of fabulous – so simple but sophisticated with the cropped raw hem, I'll wear them with sneakers, boots and heels, like the model is here.

(And if you love the blue jumper in this pic, here's a link for that too.)

Atmos&Here Iris Wool Blend Coat, $149.99.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

A good quality coat is an investment that should exist in every wardrobe, and this year I'm after a patterned one.

Since I gravitate towards pretty plain shirts and pants (read: I'm always wearing a black top and jeans), this adds a little ~something~ to the look. Plus, at under $200 it's really well priced for something that I'll wear very often.

Jo Mercer Unity Loafers Black Patent, $199.95.

Image: Jo Mercer/Mamamia.


In case you haven't already noticed, loafers are back in Winter 2022. Whilst my heart would love the classic Gucci or ever-so-popular Prada pair, my wallet cannot.

So, these are the ones I'm eyeing off - a little chunky with the shiny black patent and white stitching. So cool.

Dylan Kain The Roberts Belt, $160.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

I've mostly owned cheapy belts (they look great but sadly don't last), and after realising just how important of an accessory it is, I'm finally going to invest in a good one.


My friends and colleagues adore the Dylan Kain belts – while expensive, they last for years. And this black one will go with everything.

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LSKD Elixir Full Length Tight, $95.

Image: LSKD/Mamamia.

You know how some people collect handbags or antiques? I collect leggings. I wear them almost every day and I've tried most brands that make them.

But I keep coming back to these from LSKD; and for a few reasons. They have a pocket for my phone, are stupidly soft and have that second skin feel while contouring you in all the right places.

And while I love black, I'm eyeing off this teal pair for something fun.

General Pants Co. Basics Baby Tee, $19.95.

Image: General Pants/Mamamia.


Huge claim, but I think I've found the best fitted t-shirt. Made by General Pants' in-house brand, these tees are über flattering (love it with high-waisted jeans), come in a bunch of colours and are usually on sale for a two-for-one deal.

I purchased the black one a little while back and have to keep washing it I wear it so much! So, I'm off to get the white next.

Local Supply MXP Sunglasses, $95.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

I recently got these sunnies in blue and I don't think I've ever received so many compliments on an accessory. They're retro and oversized, but also have lightly tinted lenses which makes them wearable inside too. I've barely taken them off since I got them!

With that being said, I'm so close to snagging the other colour. Try and stop me!

Cotton On Body The Snuggle Robe Personalisation, $49.99.

Image: Cotton On/Mamamia.


While lockdown and restrictions are (hopefully) done, comfort dressing is not. And this winter when at home, you'll find me cuddled up on the couch in a big, snuggly robe.

Cotton On recently released their own range of robes which you can personalise with your name on the back. There are so many patterns to pick from, in both short and long variations, and this tartan one has my name all over it.

Seed Heritage Quilted Leisure Black Duffle Bag, $71.96.

Image: Myer/Mamamia.


I'm trying to jam in as many getaways this year as possible - gotta make up for lost time! But I've realised I don't have an overnight bag for short trips. This quilted one from Seed will work perfectly, and it's on sale.

XRJ Celebrations Florence Candle, $90.

Image: The Iconic/Mamamia.

These candles are my favourite decorative pieces for the home. While more expensive than your typical smelly candles, they are designed to look good on a coffee table.

These sculptural ones from XRJ Celebrations are pretty huge and looks great stacked on top of books. I'm always after more for myself or as gifts for friends.

Bodha Smokeless Ritual Incense, $42.

Image: YouTime/Mamamia.


For something that does make the house smell nice, I love incense – they transport me somewhere tropical in an instance.

These from Bodha are next on my hit list because they are smokeless. Yep, they smell great without the smokey burn.

Bed Threads Pink Clay & Turmeric 100% French Flax Linen Scalloped European Pillowcases, $120.

Image: Bed Threads/Mamamia.

While my wardrobe consists of mostly neutrals and black, I love injecting colour into my home. And how fun are these new cushions from Bed Threads! 

The scalloped edges and contrasts colours. Get on my bed.

What's on your wish list this May? Tell me in the comments below!

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Feature image: Supplied/The Iconic/Jo Mercer/Bed Threads.

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