"Seeing people at home was a turn on." Exactly what went down when I attended a Zoom orgy.

Sasha and Christian* are a happily married couple with two children aged seven and 11.

Sasha says that while their sex life has always been great, this year they felt ready to increase the naughtiness and add other people into the mix.

“We had heard of the masked Killing Kittens sex parties and thought this was the safest and most welcoming way to meet likeminded people,” Sasha says.

“We joined as members, booked our April 2020 party tickets and locked in the babysitter for our sexy night away.

“Soon after we made the decision to book, COVID-19 and lockdown laws hit, putting a stop to our plans. We were gutted, so as soon as the online events were announced, we signed up.”

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The virtual sex parties have the same rules as the real-life ones. They are members only events and no single men are allowed – just single women and couples. Women have to take the lead and initiate the chat and any hook-ups.

Sasha got virtual party-ready with some new underwear and a glass of wine. She says that while she was in her element, husband Christian was a little nervous.

“I wore my new lingerie with hold-up stocking and heels. I waxed my legs, put make up on and blow dried my hair, while hubby wore nice trousers and a shirt. We both had our masks on. Christian insisted on wearing his best pair of shoes, even though they didn’t stay on for very long!”

The evening kicked off with ice-breaker games, erotic dances and performances involving fire, UV paint and milk to get everyone in the mood. After the official entertainment ended, couples began chatting, flirting and getting intimate.

“There was a good mix of couples and single women roughly between the ages of 25 and 45. Everyone was pretty attractive and well-presented and there was plenty of chemistry,” Sasha says.

“Masks and clothes soon came off and while some people just watched, others were having sex, giving oral sex or using sex toys on themselves or each other.”

Sasha is a self-confessed exhibitionist and didn’t mind stripping off for the online audience.


“I’m very outgoing and doing sexual things in front of others still feels a bit ‘naughty’ which gave me a rush. I found seeing real people in their real, candid home environment a turn on as it’s more relatable.”

As for the explicit activities, Sasha was happy to share the X-rated details.

“My husband loves showing me off doing more extreme things so he got me squatting on a big dildo, and he made me squirt everywhere on screen too, my party trick.”

“Quite a few couples are into spanking, and the single kittens are great at riding toys or using a wand while they’re at home alone.”

After the two-hour event, Sasha and Christian started sexting a couple they met on screen.

“They were into the same stuff as us, so we swapped naughty pictures and gave instructions on what to do to each other. There was a bit of a submission and dominant thing going on, which was a lot of fun.”

The couple plan to keep going to the virtual parties to break up isolation boredom and Sasha is keen to try a girls-only party to explore that side of her sexuality from home.

“It was just what we needed as we have really missed the human connection. We loved meeting so many open-minded people, the kinds of people we rarely meet in everyday life, and we loved being open and honest in such a non-judgemental environment.

“If anyone was nervous about going to an in-person sex party, this is a good way to try it as an ‘introduction’. Sit back and watch what unfolds, or go ahead and get as filthy as you like!”

Single girl Elle* agrees that the virtual nature of the event made it feel like she was just ‘dipping her toe in’.

Zoom orgy picture 2
The parties are for single women and couples only. Image: Getty.

“Lockdown has had a massive effect on my life - I live alone and usually I’m barely home. I have great friends and a great social life and that all just stopped overnight. It’s been quite lonely,” she says.


Elle felt nervous but excited prior to the party, saying that like Sasha it was great to have something to get ready for.

“I had a reason to get dressed up, do my hair, make up and put on heels! I had a few second thoughts, but I’m so glad I did it.

“We were welcomed and guided by our hosts and entertainers, which helped to relax newcomers like me. We were given a playlist to use that set the mood at home.

“There were 50 cameras showing the mix of guests on my screen. Pretty quickly they all had something different going on which made it hard to know what to watch! I soon made some connections through my busy chat thread, which was a great confidence boost.”

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Emma Sayle, the founder and owner of Killing Kittens said that the virtual parties had been a huge hit for existing and new members.

“We had been working towards more online events for a while now and as soon as lockdown hit, I made a quick decision to run the first party after just one week,” Emma says.

“My tech manager was a little like a ‘puppet master’ running the show from behind the scenes. He was able to mute noisy guests when performers were on screen and also zoom-in on anything hot that was happening with a particular couple, so that everyone could enjoy it on full-screen mode!”

Each party has so far sold out with a cap at 100 people. This means 50 cameras showing 25 ‘squares’ of couples or individuals at a time on viewers’ screens at home.

Emma confirms that the success of the sexy virtual parties means there will be more to come.

“The feedback has been amazing so it makes sense to keep offering virtual events long after lockdown ends,” she says.

“Killing Kittens has always been about building a sex-positive global community and now our members can literally meet people from all over the world at a single party.

“Saying that, once restrictions are lifted we will be re-starting our in-person parties too. I am a firm believer in the importance of social interaction, we only have one life and being with other humans is the most natural thing in the world.”

Elle agrees that the social interaction - even virtually - was incredible.

“I experienced a real sense of freedom that night. I saw so many couples and other single girls all there purely for their own enjoyment.

“I definitely plan to do it again and now I feel more comfortable, I can’t wait to try a real sex party in the future.”

*Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Feature image: Getty.