“We've been through a lot." Inside Olivia Newton-John's relationship with her daughter Chloe Latanzzi.


From the moment she became Sandy in Grease, and throughout her illustrious singing and acting career, Olivia Newton-John has been one of Australia’s favourite people; and her daughter, Chloe Latanzzi, is her number one fan.

But Chloe is also the first to admit that being the daughter of an icon hasn’t meant that life has always been easy.

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Having grown up in the spotlight, dealing with famous – and divorced – parents, then later depression, addiction, and anorexia, Chloe, now 33, is stronger than ever.

This is her journey.

Chloe’s early years.

Chloe Rose Lattanzi was born in Los Angeles to Olivia, now 70, and former husband, actor Matt Lattanzi, on January 17, 1986.

Olivia and Matt divorced in 1995 after 11 years of marriage, and co-parented Chloe during her American childhood.

Olivia Newton-John and Matt Lattanzi with daughter Chloe Lattanzi in 1991. Image: Getty.

Chloe’s career.

From an early age, Chloe wanted to follow in her parents’ footsteps with an acting career.

Her movies include A Christmas Romance, The Christmas Angel: A Story on Ice, The Wilde Girls, and Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

And, like her mother, Chloe wanted to sing professionally. In 2002, she played Chrissy in a Melbourne stage production of the musical Hair.

Chloe has also released singles, including 'Play With Me,' and 'You Have to Believe', and is the writer of 'Can I Trust Your Arms', which was on her mother's 2005 album Stronger Than Before.


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In 2008, Chloe was a contestant on MTV’s singing competition Rock the Cradle, and finished in third place.

Being the daughter of Olivia Newton-John.

Chloe has admitted over the years that she found growing up as Olivia’s daughter difficult at times.

“I think it's hard to be the child of a person in the limelight, I really understand that,” she told 60 Minutes in September 2016.

“There's privilege, but there's also other things that come along with that.”

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One of those things for Chloe was a sense of loneliness, which she had admitted publicly for the first time in 2008, when she was 22 and starring in Rock the Cradle.

“I spent a lot of time alone in big houses,” she said.

“My mum travelled a lot so I think I missed out a lot when I was younger.”

Chloe wrote for Now To Love in December 2018 about her mum, and revealed Olivia has always been her “hero”.

“When I think back to my childhood, it's full of magical memories she helped create,” she wrote.

“Mum didn't work regular hours and was always travelling, but when she could, she would always make time to read to me at bedtime. Our favourite books to read together were Hello, Moon! and The Giving Tree.”

Chloe also admitted there were bonuses to their lifestyle, such as travelling the world, and meeting famous celebrities she admired – such as John Travolta.

“We've been through a lot together,” she concludes, “but not a day goes by when I'm not happy and proud to call her my mum.”

Dealing with her mother Olivia’s cancer.

“I was just six the first time she had cancer and Mum never told me,” Chloe reveals in her essay.

“Then we moved to Australia when she was in recovery and one of the kids at school ran up to me and said, ‘Your mum has cancer and she is dying, haha’.

“It is terrifying and unfair, and it makes me mad that such a beautiful woman has to face this.”


Last night on 60 minutes, Chloe candidly discussed what it has been like to watch her mother face three cancer diagnoses, the first of which was in 1992, and the third being her current battle.

When asked how her Olivia’s health has changed her, Chloe admitted the experience has been very difficult for her.

“I wanted to be bright and happy and available and around for my mum when she was struggling with this.

“I thought I was okay but I wasn’t, I was still struggling with severe depression and I faced it head on.”

Chloe’s addiction and anorexia.

Chloe’s struggles with addiction and anorexia have been the subject of much public attention since she was just a teenager.

In response, Chloe has used that attention as an opportunity to advocate for body acceptance and encouraged people to seek help for mental health issues.

In July 2016, she wrote on Instagram, “Being unashamed of your feminine form makes you strong. It takes strength to accept and love yourself.

“This is message is for every woman who has ever been called stupid or a bimbo for having confidence and for loving your body.

“Having big breasts does not make you stupid. It’s calling people stupid for having big breasts that makes you ignorant.

“I celebrate the sexy free confident woman.”

In October 2016, Chloe appeared on The Doctors to talk about how she’s learning to accept herself.


“When I was in the height of my body dysmorphia, I had a whole bunch of fillers,” she revealed.

“I’ve had that all removed from my face because I like the way I look naturally.

“I look back at myself and I as a teenager and I’m like, ‘What a beautiful young woman’. What was I thinking? Why was I so insecure?”

In the 60 Minutes interview last night, Chloe explained that Olivia’s cancer battle has “helped me heal my illness.”

“We say we all have our cancers. You know, mine is my battle with addiction,” Chloe told Liz Hayes.

“I have to keep myself sober the rest of my life and that’s a fight and it takes work.”

Chloe’s relationships.

Chloe is currently engaged to James Driskill, a martial arts expert. The couple have been engaged for nine years, although rumours have circulated for some time that they secretly wed.

James regularly posts photos of his Chloe, with the most recent one a week ago sparking pregnancy rumours because he captioned it, “Bahama Mama”.

Chloe also credits James for helping her overcome her addiction.

“Seeing me with my fiancé James has brought Mum a lot of joy,” Chloe writes in her essay.

“She is thrilled I have found my soulmate, and loves that I have someone that adores and takes care of me.

“Mum can't wait for us to get married and one day be a grandma.”