The only two hair treatments you'll ever need in your life - which do two very different things.

For years, the Olaplex hair treatment system has been hailed as a hair saviour.

When the brand dropped its at-home hair treatment range a couple of years ago, it was a very exciting time because a) going to the hairdressers can be expensive and b) being at home is amazing.

But what if you’re using Olaplex at home and your hair feels a bit… crap?

Friends, we've been there.

Hint: You might need two hair treatments in your life.

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If you're a gal with long hair, you should technically already be doing some kind of hair treatments - especially if you're trying to grow your hair or if you just want it to be - you know, healthy. 

But! It can be hella confusing working out what treatments you actually need.

To simplify it - there's basically two different types you need in your routine - bond building treatments and hydrating treatments.

These two types of treatments are very different and do different things to your hair.

Let’s talk through exactly what they are and how they work.


1. Bond-building hair treatments.

Olaplex is one of the most popular bond-building hair treatments on the market. There are about ten different products in the Olaplex range - some are in-salon and some you do at home.

But if you’re using the at-home system and aren’t happy with how your hair feels - there's a reason why.

Olaplex basically contains a patented ingredient that penetrates the hair shaft, helping to rebuild the damaged bonds between keratin in the hair to help strengthen the structure of the hair.

But it's important to remember that it's not a hydrating treatment - so it won’t necessarily make your hair feel extremely soft and shiny.

A lot of people will use bond treatments and say their hair feels worse - dry and strawy. That’s basically the bond building doing its job.

The other mistake you might be making is using too much of the product, because new products are exciting and we get excited about using them.

So, remember to use a small amount!

There are a bunch of other hair treatments to choose from, most of which have ‘bond’ in the name - meaning it repairs the bonds in the hair. For the most part, they all essentially do the same thing.

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2. Hydrating hair treatments.

The second kind of hair treatment is a hydrating one. THIS is the one that will make your hair feel like angel tears.

A hydrating treatment basically works on the superficial parts of the hair, the outside of the hair. This is the part that's going to give you that silky, soft, touchable feeling you’re probably wanting from the other treatment.

You should use these treatments in tandem and generally opt for a bond-building/strengthening treatment once a week, and then a hydrating treatment once a week.

If you that sounds like a LOT or your hair is already pretty healthy, you could spread it out to a bond-building treatment on one week and a hydrating treatment the next.

One last hair treatment tip – don’t use one every time you wash your hair.


Why? Because product build up is real. Using a treatment every time is a waste of product and it can leave your hair feeling lanky and greasy. So, don’t use too much!

Case closed.

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