"People with young children need NOT apply": The job ad infuriating parents worldwide.


A job advertisement for an office worker position is infuriating parents worldwide after stating “people with young children need NOT apply”.

The advertisement, which was shared by a Dublin oil company on recruitment website Indeed, was looking for a “person for answering phone and computer skills” with “a good knowledge of Dublin”.

But while the job requirements were fairly simple, it was clear any parents wishing to apply were off the cards.

Shared on Twitter by Irish startup WorkJuggle, the “horrendous” job ad quickly gained a lot of attention.

You can view a screenshot of the job advertisement, which has reportedly now been removed from Indeed, below.

“This just shared with us. Can you believe someone wrote this? And that @indeed posted it,” WorkJuggle wrote on Twitter.


Parents quickly began to express their outrage at the shocking ad, with many pointing out the fact that discrimination based on a person’s family is illegal in Ireland.




But although it’s rare to see such blatant discrimination spelled out in job advertisements, one woman pointed out that similar notions are often hidden in job ads.

“I know this is the caveat for half the jobs I have applied for,” Colleen Hennessy wrote on Twitter.

“But usually it is coded with “must be available for long hours” or “deadline driven environment” when I know the jobs don’t really require either.”

In Ireland, it is against the law for individuals to be discriminated against due to their family status.

Likewise in Australia, it is against the law for employers to discriminate against a person because of their responsibilities to care for a family member.

Have you ever been discriminated in the workplace for having children? Let us know down below.