Non-surgical nose jobs: What they are, how they work and if you should get one.

Guys, let’s have an honest and open conversation about nose jobs.

Not the surgical ones that require a trip to hospital, involve lots of bandages and leave you looking like you’ve come from a bar fight.

Specifically, we’re talking about liquid nose jobs.

Yes, the words ‘liquid’ and ‘nose job’ together sound equal parts intriguing and terrifying, but this non-invasive, non-surgical procedure is fast becoming one of the most requested cosmetic treatments in Australia.

There’s a lot to like about the idea of a liquid nose job – quick, pain-free, almost zero recovery time and a less expensive price tag than traditional rhinoplasty.

But there are also a few important factors to consider before paying for needles full of stuff to be poked into your face.

How long will it take? Will there be side effects? Is it safe? And most importantly, how will it look?

We picked the noses brains of Specialist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Eddy Dona and Sydney Cosmetic Clinic’s Principal Cosmetic Surgeon Dr George Mayson to bring you absolutely everything you need to know about liquid nose jobs.

No BS or judgement – just the practical, medical and financial information you need to know if you’re considering getting work done on your nose.

Having performed three liquid nose jobs the morning we spoke to him, as well as 15 years’ worth of procedures, we can assure you he knows his stuff.

What is a liquid nose job?

Liquid nose job, non-surgical nose job and injectable nose job are all different names for the same thing – non surgical rhinoplasty.


“A non surgical rhinoplasty is a procedure that alters the shape of a person’s nose without surgery,” Dr Mayson told Mamamia.

The difference between a nose job and a liquid nose job.

No, not all nose jobs are created equal. Which you choose depends on the precisely what bothers you about your nose.

“A rhinoplasty is a surgical operation designed to change the shape and appearance of the nose,” Dr Dona told Mamamia.


Traditional rhinoplasty procedures can take up to two hours under a general anaesthetic and involves straightening and reshaping the nose by correcting the bones and the cartilage. The recovery time is usually two to three weeks depending on the individual.

As for liquid nose jobs, Dr Dona said patients generally opt for this treatment if they’re concerned about cosmetic aspects of their nose that aren’t severe enough to warrant formal surgery.

“A non surgical rhinoplasty is a procedure designed to alter the shape and appearance of the nose, without the need for surgery. It’s done in a clinic environment, is a walk-in-walk-out procedure, and in the right person, it can create a dramatic difference in their appearance.”

Dr Mayson added, “Some people come in and are self conscious about the shape of their nose, but cannot afford to or don’t want to have surgery. Non surgical rhinoplasty is a great option if they’re eligible.”

Who can and can’t have non surgical rhinoplasty?

Deciding to get any sort of cosmetic procedure requires a lot of thought and research. Undergoing a liquid nose job is a great option for many people, but it’s not right for everyone.

“One cannot alter every misshapen nose with injectables, there are things fillers can do,” Dr Mayson explained.

Both surgeons said non surgical rhinoplasty is a great option for people with a dorsal hump (an obvious hump visible side-on), a flat ridge of the nose (typically requested by people with Asian heritage), a flat nasal tip, or people who’ve had accidents that have left them with a crooked nose.


The one thing a liquid nose job can’t do is make a larger nose smaller.

“Non surgical rhinoplasty doesn’t make things smaller. Done correctly, you can create the illusion of a smaller nose, but really, you’re making it a bit bigger by adding volume. You need surgery to change the underlying structure of the nose,” Dr Dona said.

Different types of non surgical nose jobs?

Both Dr Dona and Dr Mayson explained there are two types of non surgical nose jobs you can get – temporary or permanent.


Temporary filler contains hyaluronic acid, an active ingredient which we all have in our skin and throughout our bodies. It’s also found in popular skin serums and oils because of its skin-plumping, hydrating effects.

Different temporary fillers can last from six months up to two and a half years, and are naturally metabolised slowly by the body. (“You won’t wake up two years later and suddenly your nose is gone,” Dr Dona added.)

The other type of filler available is a permanent filler – neither surgeons use or recommend a permanent filler be used for non surgical rhinoplasty.

“The reason why permanent fillers aren’t ideal is because permanent fillers cause permanent problems. If you have a reaction, you’re stuck with it and it becomes a major issue,” Dr Dona said.

Dr Mayson added, “Permanent fillers also contain substances that are foreign to the body – it might be tempting to use a permanent filler because you’ll only have to do it once, but if something goes wrong, you’re in for a lot of strife and it will be expensive to fix.”

On the other hand, temporary fillers can be dissolved straight away if you’re not happy with the result.

How long does a non surgical nose job treatment take?

Liquid nose jobs are a quick and relatively painless procedure which generally take around 30 to 45 minutes. So yes, you could get it done in your lunch break, but not before spending a decent amount of time discussing the procedure before hand.

Dr Dona said once the patient has been assessed and they’ve been deemed suitable to have it done, they’ll come into the procedure room where the injector will mark up the areas they’re going to be injecting the fillers in.


Both surgeons said patients can have ice applied to the nose for a bit of numbing and to prevent any potentially bruising or swelling – Dr Mayson also mentioned the benefit of having a doctor perform the procedure is they can give patients the option of a nerve blocker if they’re concerned about the pain.

Dr Dona and Dr Mayson described the injecting process like ‘scultping’ – adding a bit of filler to an area, letting it settle, seeing where more is required and making smalll adjustments to create the desired result.

“You’d like to do a little bit on the conservative side and add more, rather than doing too much,” Dr Dona said.

You can watch Dr Dona’s video on non surgical rhinoplasty below. Post continues after video.

Can you go back to work after a non surgical nose job?

Possibly the most attractive thing about the liquid nose job is the recovery time. That’s because there is none.

“A lot of my patients come in during their lunch break and go straight back to work,” Dr Mayson said.

“Unlike botox and anti-wrinkle injections you have to wait three days before the effect kicks in, with filler you’ll see the result straight away.”

How long do non surgical nose jobs last?

How long your non surgical nose job will last depends on which filler you choose and how your body metabolises it.


“Different people seem to chew through their filler at different rates. Smokers, gym junkies and high-stressed individuals seem to have a higher metabolic rate and metabolise the filler a bit faster,” Dr Mayson said.

If you opt for temporary injectable rhinoplasty, both surgeons said to expect the results to last about 12 months. The shortest he’s ever seen the temporary liquid nose job last is six months, and the longest, over two years.

Are there any side effects or risks?

Injectable rhinoplasty side effects are minimal, but the main two to be concerned about are bruising and infection.

Some individuals simply bruise easily and might experience some slight bruising around the under eye area.

Dr Dona stressed if you have an important social engagement coming up, you wouldn’t want to have any fillers put in too close to the event.

“I wouldn’t do any fillers prior to an important social event, almost certainly luck will have it that you’ll get a bruise or swelling. For brides, you would want to start well in advanced, in general, you wouldn’t have any treatments in the last six weeks prior to the wedding,” he said.


How much is a liquid nose job?

Liquid nose jobs are a heck of a lot cheaper than formal surgical nose jobs. They’ll still cost you though.

Depending on which brand of filler you choose, 1ml of filler (and neither surgeon would use more than 1ml in one treatment), you can expect to pay between $399 for the shortest acting filler, up to $850-990 for the longest acting filler.

By comparison, surgical rhinoplasty can cost between $6000 and $15,000.

This article should not replace personalised, professional medical advice. Please seek advice from your GP and specialist for more information.

You can find out more about Dr Mayson and Sydney Cosmetic Clinic here, and Dr Dona Plastic Surgery here.

Have you ever genuinely considered cosmetic surgery? Have you ever tried fillers, and what did you think?